M390 vs 20CV

m390 vs 20CV

M390 and 20CV are the best steel knives out there that are known for their exceptional sharpness, density and toughness. Both are made from premium quality steel that has its own perks. In this article, you are going to know about these knives, their working and if they are worth the hype or not. You … Read more

What Is Lobster Roe?

what is lobster roe

Lobsters are eaten in many countries as an expensive delicacy. Different parts of lobsters are cooked and baked with different recipes that people love to taste. Apart from the outside parts of lobsters like shells, legs, claws, etc, you can eat a lot of the things that are found inside it. Roe and white stuff … Read more

Is Dishwasher a Computer?

is dishwasher a computer

Is dishwasher a computer? Yes, you might have had a laugh reading this question. But, alot of people (the nerds, yes) have this intrigue in their minds regarding their dishwashers. In short. Yes! A dishwasher is a computer… let’s find out how! How do dishwashers work? So let’s first build up the base on how … Read more

What is Dead Dough

what is dead dough

Have you ever heard about decorative or dead dough when it comes to making creative shapes and expressions? No? We’ve got your back! We will explain what is dead dough. It is something that doesn’t sound exotic or delicious, but it has been in use for many centuries. Surprising, right? Well, yeah! Made simply from … Read more