How Do I Balance Too Much Vinegar In A Recipe?

How Do I Balance Too Much Vinegar In A Recipe

Sometimes you add too much vinegar to the food you are making and the food automatically becomes uneatable. The sharp and bitter taste of vinegar burns your taste buds and isn’t easy to swallow. So what to do if you add too much of it to your food and do not have enough time and … Read more

Rice Cooker Button Wont Stay Down

rice cooker button wont stay down

Electrical appliances are high in the market since they have replaced our long hours in the kitchen with very short time while providing efficient services. We know kitchen appliances have made our lives way easier than they were. But there have been many issues with these electric pots since they are all machinery and require … Read more

Why Instant Pot Slow Cooker is Stuck on Pre-Heat?

Why Instant Pot Slow Cooker Stuck on Preheat

Instant pot is used as electric cooker since they come with many glaring yet useful features, but they stuck on preheat. Have you ever wondered why is that so? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Instant pot cooks food with pressure therefore they need time to heat up properly which is known as the pre-heating … Read more

Air Fryer vs Air Roast

air fryer vs air roast

As technology is progressing, you can find different ways to cook your food. You can air fry, air broil and air roast them as these are healthy ways to cook the food. The hot air in these appliances is the main reason that you can enjoy food that is oil and carcinogen free. In this … Read more

Oil in Pressure Cooker

oil in pressure cooker

The pressure cooker has made the cooking routine easy and modified our methods, thanks to its quick and fast working service. Have you ever thought if it is okay to add oil to a pressure cooker? If yes, you are at the right place. Adding oil to a pressure cooker is not easy as it … Read more

How To Use Farberware Coffee Maker?

how to use faberware coffee maker

Everyone loves drinking coffee. When this bittersweet taste enhances your taste buds, it makes you feel fresh and alive. The enchanting smell of coffee also makes you crave it and wants you to have some taste as soon as possible. But how can you make coffee quickly every day? Farberware Coffee Maker is the answer! … Read more

Can you Deep Fry in an Air Fryer?

can you deep fry in an air fryer

Who doesn’t love flavorsome yet crispy fried food? We all do! But deep frying oily food can be dangerous for your health too. One method which can reduce the risk of unhealthy effects on your health is air-frying. Let’s have a look! One cannot deep fry any food in an air fryer because most of … Read more

How To Steam Buns In A Microwave?

how to steam buns in a microwave

Feeling hungry and not having anything to eat? Make some buns and enjoy! What? You do not have an oven? It’s okay because you can easily make them in a microwave. You can do so by steaming them in it. Steaming the buns can sometimes be a problem. You do not know what heat they … Read more

Microwave with Exhaust Fan

microwave with exhaust fan

Microwaves have not only been making our lives way easier in terms of food, but it has also helped us by reducing our burden of going to the burners and heating food multiple times. Therefore, the microwave is a blessing in today’s modern world, saving you plenty of time. Although they are a smarter form … Read more

Dehydrate Mushroom In Air Fryer

how to dehydrate mushroom in air fryer

Dehydrating mushrooms is a practice that has been going on for many centuries. It is because mushrooms are full of moisture and keeping them unattended can make them stale quickly. So dehydrating mushrooms has to be done no matter what if you want them to last longer. If you do not know how to dehydrate … Read more