Inkosi vs Sebenza

Inkosi vs Sebenza

Inkosi and Sebenza are famous pocket knives that are used for multiple purposes. Both of these knives are almost the same, but some differences make them a bit separate from each other. If you were to choose one from both of them, which one would you choose? In this article, we are going to give … Read more

Santoku vs Gyuto

santoku vs gyuto

Hey, Are you confused in Santoku vs Gyuto knives, and want to know which one is better to buy among them? We caught you, you’re at the right place! Santoku and Gyuto are the most popular kitchen knives that are used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. These professional knives differ from Western knives just … Read more

Microwave Vs Microwave Oven

microwave vs microwave oven

A microwave oven is one of the most common appliances used in almost every house to cook or heat food, thanks to the advanced technologies in today’s modern world. But you must have heard the word “Microwave” separately as well, haven’t you? And you’re confused between Microwave and Microwave oven? Then the answer is “Microwave” … Read more

Avocado Salsa vs Guacamole

For some people, it is hard to differentiate between Avocado Salsa and Guacamole. Due to their main ingredients being almost the same, people mix them as each other and can’t distinguish between their names and textures. Both of them are made of avocados so what’s the difference in their appearance and recipe? Let’s find out. … Read more

Can A Food Processor Be Used As A Blender?

can a food processor be used as a blender

Sometimes a food processor or blender is all we need to make the meal of our dreams. These things have to be an important part of the kitchen because, without them, you cannot make smoothies or crush different vegetables. But wait! If you need to choose between these two, what are you going to buy? … Read more

Air Fryer vs Broiler

air fryer vs broiler

We all know eating deep-fried things is harmful to our health. But you would have noticed that a little appliance in your kitchen doesn’t use much oil but still gives the taste of deep-fried food. Yes! You have guessed it right. That appliance is called Air Fryer. Wait what!? That is a broiler!? No, you … Read more

Ribeye vs Hanger Steak

ribeye vs hanger steak

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a juicy meal with some sautéed vegetables, a pineapple sauce, and mashed potatoes on the side? Well, all the meat lovers do! But do you ever want to make something as delicious as food at popular restaurants? In that case, the first thing you should know about steaks is what … Read more

Packer Brisket vs Whole Brisket

packer brisket vs whole brisket

If you like BBQ even moderately, you must have heard of Brisket. Yes, it is the layer of meat that is often cooked in smoke and has a juicy taste. The brisket is the breast or chest of the beef. If you ever tried to cook brisket at home, you must have come across the … Read more

Executive Chef vs Chef De Cuisine

Executive Chef vs Chef De Cuisine

When you step into a hospitality business, you will certainly see several hierarchical systems each one of them having different functions and responsibilities. When it comes to the kitchen, many of you must think that the chef is the one who cooks. Well, that’s a basic concept; there’s a lot more to it. Chefs are … Read more

Flame Boss 400 vs 500

flame boss 400 vs 500

Flame boss is a smoker controller device that regulates the temperature and smoke digitally with the help of a phone or a wifi controller. When you cook something, the only thing that matters is the temperature. It determines the taste of your food, and whether it is moist or hard. Flame Boss helps you regulate … Read more