Can Pyrex Go in Dishwasher?

Dishwasher has been a blessing for many requiring no efforts to wash and clean dishes. But have you ever wondered which materials are safe to go with a dishwasher? There is a wide range of dishes that can be washed in a dishwasher, but there are some exceptions as well. Do you think Pyrex glassware is safe in a dishwasher? If no, you are at the right place! In this article we’re going to discuss “Can Pyrex go in a dishwasher or not”. Have a look!

Pyrex usage and cleaning in a dishwasher

Pyrex is heat-resistant glassware that is usually placed in an oven to bake some special cakes and brownies. Since Pyrex has been in our day-to-day usage, we never thought if it would be safe for it to be placed in a dishwasher. Pyrex is usually available in form of bowls, dishes, baking trays, and many glass wares which are safe to consume and can easily be placed in the dishwasher Furthermore, many certain products are not safe to be placed in the dishwashers. They do not stay still and can cause damage at a huge level therefore this Pyrex dishware should be avoided at every cost.

Types of Pyrex that can be used in the dishwasher:

Certain products can be used in dishwashers. They are:

Pyrex Ceramic:

Products made with Pyrex ceramics are considered safe to be used in the dishwasher since they can readily absorb heat.

Pyrex Glass Bowls:

Glass bowls made of Pyrex are all set to be placed in the dishwasher since it is safe for them. You can place bowls and mixing bowls in the both top and bottom rack of the dishwasher and they will remain safe and sound.

Pyrex Dishes:

Dishes made up of Pyrex are all protected even if they are placed in the dishwasher due to their tough nature. You can easily wash them on both top and bottom racks.

Pyrex Baking Trays:

Baking Pyrex trays made of plastic and glasses are entirely safe when washed in the dishwashers. Mostly, they are placed in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

Pyrex Measuring-cups:

Measuring Pyrex cups are made of top-notch quality tempered glass which remains unharmed when placed in the dishwasher. They are usually placed on the topmost shelf of the dishwasher.

Are all Pyrex products safe to be placed in the dishwasher?

No, not every product is safe to be used in the dishwasher. Pyrex has been used to make stainless steel, ceramics, plastics, and even glasses. Although many of them are safe to be used in the oven you shouldn’t place all of these products in the dishwasher.

Vintage Pyrex products are recommended to be washed by hands no matter what. Since a very harsh detergent and high heat are used in dishwashers, they can mutilate the quality of Vintage Pyrex products. Therefore, you should avoid placing them in dishwashers.

Stainless Steel, is a product that comes with a tag that can be used inside the dishwashers but certain complaints have been lodged which revealed that these products have lost their original color and brightness upon washing them frequently inside the dishwasher. Hence, a recommendation of not using it too often in the dishwashers.

Pyrex knives, round pans, and cup pans are not at all safe to be washed in the dishwashers. In case you are not sure about washing them in dishwashers, you can always inquire about the manufacturers.

Can Pyrex products be placed in the bottom rack of the dishwashers?

Since now you know the answer to can Pyrex go in a dishwasher, it’s time to dig in more. Many Pyrex products are safe to be washed in the dishwashers but, you should not place every product in the bottom rack since it is always hotter than the top rack. So, all those products that are not heat-resistant and fragile should not be a part of the bottom rack. Also, many products come with a Pyrex safety tag so they can be easily placed in the bottom rack.

Three main reasons to use Pyrex in the dishwasher:

From professionals to daily use Pyrex has made our lives way easier in terms of usage since they are reliable and products are safe. Although the debate is still going for placing the products or not in the dishwasher, you should be careful when placing them in the dishwasher. Here are three main reasons to use Pyrex in dishwashers.

Materials used in the making of Pyrex:

The materials that are used in the manufacturing of Pyrex are glass and stainless steel which are safe to be placed in the dishwashers, unlike bronze and wood which may cause damage to both products and the machine.

They can be washed easily with the detergent and they do not absorb the odor and smell of the food that is put on them. Also, Pyrex remains safe from stains hence they are good in the dishwashers.

Easy washing of the Pyrex:

The dishwasher has been saving us time but all you have to do is load it properly. Although, not every product is easy to wash in them but using dishwashers for them has made or work quicker.

Reliability of Pyrex:

Pyrex has been a substitute for reliability and consistency. Also, you won’t be seeing any changes in these products for over years thus it is easy to use the dishwasher for these products.

How can you load  Pyrex in the dishwashers?

There is always a way of doing things properly and loading the dishwasher is one of them. Even though many people have their reviews regarding it but you will see what the real way is. There are some conflicting analyses regarding the loading of the products in the machine. Pre-washing your products before placing them in the dishwasher may form a cloudy appearance on the plates thus making the detergent ineffective.

Furthermore, it is better if you don’t fill the top and bottom racks. Setting the utensils and aligning away with some space may be of use. In this way, the plates will have access to soaps and water in high quantities.

Filling Top Rack:

Since the top rack is for plates that require a gentle wash. Therefore, sensitive plates, lids, bowls, and glasses because they will get soap and water in good amounts.

Filling Bottom Rack:

Dishes and plates should be kept facing the center. Certain pots, baking trays, and pans are always placed on the bottom rack. You need to keep a check on water delivery to the plates.

How can you clean Pyrex plates in the dishwasher?

Washing Pyrex utensils is not a big deal since there are a lot of plates under the category so you are all set to wash them inside the dishwasher.

A General Rule:

The general rule is to keep glasses, lids, and small bowls on the top-most rack and they should be facing the center.

Large Dishes and Plates:

Many large dishes and plates are better if they are washed on the bottom rack since they are stable and can easily bear the temperature of the dishwasher at the bottom.

Types of Pyrex that should be avoided in the dishwasher:

Vintage Pyrex:

Out of many, vintage Pyrex has always been on top of the list since it does not possess the ability to maintain itself in dishwashers. The hard nature of detergents and hot water is not safe and susceptible to place in the dishwashers.

Also, people love to pass down such classics and vintages in the form of memory, therefore if you want to maintain its quality and appeal, you shouldn’t be using it in the dishwasher since it would have scratches and acquire dullness.

Lids made of Pyrex:

The lids that are formed with Pyrex, are only safe in the dishwasher only if they are placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. If they are placed on the last row, there might be a chance of it cracking down due to their subtility, so you have to be cautious.


Pyrex is used to manufacture household utensils and laboratory products. Many products are still made in the country. Therefore, if you are wondering that can Pyrex go in dishwasher, you are all okay with washing them in dishwashers but you need to take care of placing items on top and bottom racks.


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