Can A Food Processor Be Used As A Blender?

Sometimes a food processor or blender is all we need to make the meal of our dreams. These things have to be an important part of the kitchen because, without them, you cannot make smoothies or crush different vegetables. But wait! If you need to choose between these two, what are you going to buy? This seems like a tricky question. You may even think of can a food processor be used as a blender.

Let’s find the answer to this.

Can You Use A Food Processor As A Blender?

Now back to the real question. Can a food processor be used as a blender? The answer seems to be between yes and no. For some things, a food processor can be definitely used as a blender but sometimes you cannot use it to puree certain things.

Let’s see for what things can you use a food processor as a blender:

For Making Smoothies:

If you do not have a blender, fret not, a food processor can do the work. The only difference you will feel is that it will take more time than a blender. But at least you will get your smoothie, right?

For Sauces:

If you want to make pasta sauce or any sauce from fruits, you can make it in a food processor. Just add a little amount of water so it can turn out smoothly.

For Shredding Fruits And Vegetables:

Even though a blender can turn these into crumbs, you can also shred fruits and vegetables to a certain level in it. Similarly, a food processor can also shred them. It’s just like garnishing some items.

What Can A Blender Do That A Food Processor Can not?

Several things can be done by a blender but a food processor isn’t able to perform them. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Crush Coffee And Different Nuts

If you love coffee but do not know how to crush its beans, the blender is all here to help you with it. You can crush coffee and other nuts like peanuts, almonds, etc to complete powder form in a blender.

Make Milkshakes:

You can make milkshakes in a blender. Add slices of any fruit you want to make a milkshake of, and blend it away with milk and sugar. You will get a complete milkshake without any pulp or shreds.

Make Flour:

Blender is also used to make flour out of wheat, rice, corn, etc while a food processor cannot do this. The Food Processor can only turn them into crumbs but a blender will completely crush them out into flour.

Similarities Between A Food Processor And Blender

You can also find many similarities between a food processor and a blender. Some are given as follows:

  • Both have the same shape in their jar and motor.
  • Both, the food processor and blender, have blades to crush or blend food.
  • You can use both of them to make smoothies.
  • Both work on electricity.
  • There are many types of both products that you can choose from.
  • A blender and food processor will give you the best results according to their capabilities.

So can a food processor be used as a blender? We can conclude an answer and that is no. You can use a blender for a lot of things but a food processor can be only used for certain things. Do you know that you can even mix paper and make clay out of it in a blender!?

Difference Between Food Processor And Blender

The main difference between these two products is that you can crush anything in a blender or even make smoothies and milkshakes. But in a food processor, only liquid or food that you want only crumbs of can be put in. A food processor is bigger than a blender so you can use it for a big amount of different materials. Blenders can blend the material up to its liquid form and you will not be able to find any solids among it but a food processor cannot do it properly.

A food processor and blender cannot be used as each other because both can perform their functions. No things are alike and that applies to the food processor and blender too. If you have both of these appliances, try using them one by one. You will see the difference in their functioning and quality of pureeing.

Now we should talk about blenders and food processors so you can know more about them. Then you will be able to easily answer: can a food processor be used as a blender?

How Does A Blender Work?

A blender is a kitchen machine that is used for pureeing different things into a smooth liquid mixture. It consists of a long jar, with a machine where the jar gets attached. When you press the button, the blade inside the jar starts doing its work by shredding everything to crumbs.

Benefits Of Blender That You Will Not Find In A Food Processor:

If we want to know if a blender can do the food processor’s work and vice versa, we must know the uses of a blender. Let’s take a look:

  • Blender is best used for making smoothies, milkshakes, and other liquid things.
  • If you want to make a creamy thick soup, just put the materials inside the blender and enjoy the soup!
  • You can also make different sauces from fruits by blending them in a blender. Applesauce is the biggest example of it.
  • You can also blend wheat, rice, beans, etc to make your flour.
  • Try making peanut, almond, and sunflower seeds butter in a blender and you will get amazing results.
  • If you do not know how to crush your ice for smoothies and juices, use your blender.
  • You can also smooth baby food by pureeing it in the blender.
  • You can also crush sugar cubes to make them into confectioners sugar for baking and stuff.

Drawbacks Of Blender:

You can come across the following disadvantages of blender:

  • You cannot make breadcrumbs from fresh bread in a blender.
  • Sometimes you want to shred nuts and peanuts but with the help of a blender, you cannot do it as they will turn out like flour.
  • You will have to change the blades every few months if you are using a standard blender.

Should You Buy A Blender In Place Of A Food Processor?

Yes, absolutely. Blender is everything you want to puree, crush and blend many food items. Wanna make milkshakes? Use a blender. Want some coffee but do not know how to crush coffee beans? Blender is the solution. In need of rice flour? Make it in the blender.

So a blender is worth buying. You can use it for multiple things and each time it’s going to give you the best results.

Is Food Processor Same As Blender?

Just like a blender, a food processor is also a jar that gets attached to a motor to shred different types of food. The thing to keep in mind is that a food processor does not puree things to their liquid form, rather it just shreds food into small pieces and sometimes crumbs.

Advantages Of Food Processor That You Will Not Find In Blender:

The Food Processor also has unlimited uses. You can use it in various ways.

  • You can crush many dry materials in a food processor without any effort.
  • One of the best things about food processors is that you can make bread crumbs, it doesn’t matter if the bread is fresh or dry.
  • You can also shred cheese and vegetables in a food processor.
  • You can chop and shred vegetables in the food processor but cannot puree them until they are transformed into crumbs.
  • Mince the meat all you want in a food processor.
  • You can also shred baby food in a food processor.
  • Craving salsa? Make it in a food processor.
  • Some special processors can also knead the dough.

Drawbacks Of Food Processor:

You can come across the following disadvantages of a food processor while using it:

  • It is more expensive than a blender.
  • A food processor can take up more space in the kitchen.
  • It can be hard to clean because of its multiple blades.
  • You cannot grind multiple things in a food processor.


A blender and a food processor have their distinctive features. You cannot make a food processor work like a blender. If you have to choose between these two products, you should choose a blender because it can puree soft and liquid products too that a food processor cannot–or you can decide for yourself what product you need the most in your kitchen, a food processor or a blender?

can a food processor be used as a blender


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