Inkosi vs Sebenza

Inkosi and Sebenza are famous pocket knives that are used for multiple purposes. Both of these knives are almost the same, but some differences make them a bit separate from each other. If you were to choose one from both of them, which one would you choose? In this article, we are going to give you enough information about Inkosi and Sebenza so you can decide for yourself. Lets dive into Inkosi vs Sebenza comparison in detail.

Specifications Of Inkosi And Sebenza

Before knowing anything further about these knives, you should know the specifications of Inkosi and Sebenza so you know what you are going to get yourself into:


There’s only a minute difference between Inkosi and sebenza. Where inkosi is 6.625 inches long, sebenza is 6.875 inches.


Inkosi is lightweight so it’s really easy to carry anywhere with you. Sebenza is a little heavier than Inkosi.


Inkosi is a bit more expensive than sebenza. But it’s also because of the quality difference between these two.

Blade Width

Inkosi has a blade width of about 0.135 inches while Sebenza has a blade thickness of 0.125 inches.

Blade Material:

Both of these knives are made of S35VN stainless steel which is best for the knives if you want them to last longer.

What Is The Difference Between Inkosi and Sebenza Knife

There are many things that make these knives different from each other. Some of them include:


The main difference between these two knives is their uses. Even though both are pocket knives, they are useful for some specific things too. Inkosi Knife is a rich-looking knife that is still starting to develop into an everyday use knife. They are used for simple tasks, like cutting wrapping sheets, and stuff like that.

On the other hand, sebenza is used for much heavier tasks like metal, wood, concrete work, etc.


The blade of inkosi is less thick than sebenza. That’s why you can use sebenza for heavier work but not inkosi. This difference is because of the structure and design of the blades of these knives.


Both of these knives also differ in their costs. Inkosi is more costly than sebenza because of its advanced features. Inkosi always keeps on upgrading its design and now it has an improved aesthetic design and locking mechanism. An inkosi knife will cost you around $525 while a sebenza knife costs about $424.

Bushing Pivot:

Inkosi knives can never compare to sebenza because sebenza has a bushing pivot and inkosi doesn’t. A bushing pivot enables the knife to get tightened automatically when the knife opens and closes. That’s why there’s no need to manually do it. That’s the best quality of sebenza that customers wish for in inkosi.

Similarities Between Inkosi And Sebenza

For starters, both of these knives are manufactured by the same company called Chris Reeve. The manufacturers have tried hard to keep the best of the similarities between these two knives.

For instance, the steel used to manufacture both of these pocket knives is the same stainless steel which won’t let the knives rust and break easily. Both of these knives are similar in more ways than you think. Their overall design is the same and they work similarly too, just on different things. Inkosi and

Sebenza has powerful blades which cut everything present before them. Other two similarities between them are explained below:


No one can compare to inkosi and sebenza in terms of quality. Both are made of top-quality stainless steel which makes them durable and everlasting. The blade of the knife is smooth and easily closed and opened with one flick of the hand.


Inkosi and Sebenza have exceptional designs which make them attractive and easy to buy. Some people complain that Inkosi has a small handle but its other qualities make it alright. Sebenza is almost perfect in its design work and also serves as a smooth and comfortable knife, just like inkosi.

Which One To Choose In  Between Inkosi And Sebenza?

Both of these knives are best in their way. Some say that inkosi is better, whereas others talk in favor of Sebenza. Both of these knives are by Chris Reeve which is known for the exceptional qualities of its knives. But still, Sebenza stands out the most out of these two knives. There are many reasons for it. People prefer sebenza over Inkosi because sebenza has a bushing pivot that inkosi doesn’t have. But the choice is all up to the people who have to use the knife. It’s all about their preferences that count which helps them choose between Inkosi and Sebenza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- What Is The Main Difference Between Inkosi and Sebenza?

Actually, both are the same types of knives but inkosi is the upgraded version of sebenza knife. You can see many similarities between them but Inkosi has a bit of a difference because of its new appearance.

2- What Is Sebenza 31?

Sebenza 31 is the latest version of sebenza knife from Chris Reeve. The company has done many upgrades on it and now it has become one of the best selling pocket knives of the company. There was some latest mechanical work used on this knife too.

3- Has Sebenza 21 Discontinued?

Sebenza 21 was one of the best knives of Chris Reeve which came out in 2008. But now when the company saw that everyone is interested in new knives, they discontinued sebenza 21 in 2019. Many other new versions of sebenza knives are available in the market now.

Final Words:

Inkosi and Sebenza are both amazing knives so you shouldn’t be the one choosing between them. Even if they have their specific features, it’s better to know what you are looking for in a knife before deciding on buying one of them. All we know is that both of these knives never cease to amaze the users, and you will equally be satisfied by them.

Inkosi vs Sebenza


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