Knife Swap – How To Go About It

Most companies offer a knife swap programs where people swap their knives. Knife swap is a good way to make people swap their new knife with someone else’s new knife. Yes, it is possible! All you need is an authentic source(mostly manufacturers) who let you swap the knives with some worthy ones. In this article, we will tell you about how you can swap your knife and what things you should consider before doing so.

How Can You Do a Knife Swap?

There are many forums and groups available online which provide a platform where you can swap knives with strangers. You need to list down the qualities, features, and pictures of the knife you are willing to swap. You can find these knife swap groups on different knife forums, and some knife companies also offer them.

But before doing so, there are some guidelines that you have to follow:

Things To Do While Knife Swap

Provide An Accurate Description:

You must describe your knife accurately. By doing so, you can get an authentic trader who will be happy to swap his knife with yours. You need to provide the knife’s type, its name, the blade type, the length and width of the blade, and the total length of the knife. This way you can get a knife swap exactly like your knife.

Photos Are Important

When you provide enough photos of your knife, there is a high chance that your knife will get swapped. Make sure to take pictures from every angle possible so people can attract to your knife. The pictures should have a quality where every feature of your knife is visible.

Set Some Rules:

For swapping the knife, you should set some rules. Everyone participating in the knife swap should be aware of the rules so they only apply if they are under those rules or criteria. Setting the rules is important because it can let other people know what you are looking for and what you are not looking for in a knife. This will also set back some scammers.

Thoroughly Pack The Knife:

When the deal is done, you should thoroughly pack the knife in a wrapping sheet, a bubble wrapping sheet is better. This way the knife will not get damaged easily and the person who you have swapped the knife with won’t think that you are a scam.

How To Make Sure That The Person You Are Swapping Your Knife With Is Legit?

There are many problems regarding knife swapping on online forums. Many people tend to get scammed because they do not check if the swapper is legit or not. But you can still make sure about the authenticity of the person by following the steps:

1- Good Communication:

Good communication is the key to everything. The person you are swapping the knife with also has to know how to properly communicate. Ask him about the defects in the knife and also tell him about yours. This will gain trust between the two parties.

2- Original Picture:

The other person should show you the original pictures from every angle. This way you will what you are getting your hands on beforehand. Always ask the swapper to send you the real picture of the knife’s blade, and handle and a full picture. You also have to show the original pictures to swap the knife.

3- No Third-Party Swapping:

It is advised that you never do knife swapping with a third party. Not all but most of these accounts are fake and just want to get their hands on your knife. They do not give anything in exchange for your knife. This way you can lose some best of your knives.

Final Words:

You should only do the knife swap when you know that the person you are swapping the knife with is authentic and trustworthy. Never swap the knife when you feel that your knife isn’t equivalent to the knife you will get in return. Most people are manufacturing brand-new knives and then swapping them with other same-quality knives. This is a great way to have a variety of knives.

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