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It is really interesting how we always hear never to put metal in an oven or microwave, but most microwaves come with metal racks in them. These metal racks are microwaveable and advantageous if you know how to use them correctly. In this article, you are going to know about microwaveable metal racks and how to use them properly. So let’s start.

What Makes A Microwaveable Metal Rack Safe To Use?

The microwaveable metal rack is specifically designed for microwaves. There are some important instructions that you have to follow if you have a metal rack in your microwave because at the end of the day it’s still metal and can create sparks. There’s some chemistry behind the manufacturing of microwaveable metal racks but the thing which matters the most is how well you are using that metal rack.

Some Things You Should Know Before Using Microwaveable Metal Racks

If you have a microwave with a microwaveable metal rack, you should know how to use it properly. Even though the microwaveable rack is specifically made for microwave use, you should still keep some things in your mind just to be extra cautious. Let’s find out what are they:

Keep Your Microwaveable Metal Rack Properly Installed

If you open your oven, you can see plastic hooks on both sides of it. These hooks are for installing metal racks inside the oven. If you install the microwaveable metal racks properly, there is no chance that it would elicit a spark. The size of the rack also matters because if the rack is touching the back and sides of the oven, it can get into contact with a metal piece and sparking can happen.

Remove The Microwaveable Metal Rack If You Are Not Using It

You do need a metal rack in your oven most of the time. So it is useless to keep it inside the microwave if you are not actively using it. The metal rack isn’t necessary to be inside the oven and you can remove it anytime. Store it in a cabinet or shelf in the meanwhile.

You Have To Turn The Food Around On Microwaveable Metal Rack

The microwave has a plate that moves around so the food can get cooked or heated by the rays. But on the other hand, a microwaveable rack cannot move. If you are cooking or heating something on it, you have to make sure that you are changing the directions and turning the food around so it gets proper heat in all places. Some ovens also come with instructions on the times to turn the specific foods around.

You Cannot Pop Popcorns In A Microwaveable Metal Rack

One thing that is explicitly told is that you shouldn’t pop popcorn on microwaveable metal racks. When the corn expands, it can harm the racks. Sometimes the metal rack can come off too due to the constant popping of popcorn. Sparking can also happen.

Do Not Let The Microwave Run Without Putting Food In It

It is always advised to never let your microwave run when it is empty. But you should be extra cautious when your microwave has a microwaveable metal rack in it. Running a microwave without food when it has a metal rack in it is extra dangerous and you should avoid it at all costs. It can produce some current in the rack or even spark.

Always Use Microwave Safe Dishes

When you have a microwaveable metal rack inside the microwave, make sure that the dishes and plates you are using are microwave safe. They can be of plastic, ceramics, or glass material. You have to use these materials in a microwave but should strictly stick to them when you have a metal rack installed in your oven.

 What To Do When The Microwaveable Metal Rack Sparks?

If your microwaveable metal rack starts sparking out of nowhere, the first thing you should do is switch off your microwave. The next step is to check if the metal rack is poorly installed. This is the biggest reason why the microwaveable metal rack sparked. Another reason could be that the metal rack is touching the sides of the oven. Take a look at its position too.

If you have installed a metal rack that didn’t come with your microwave, then this is also a reason for the sparking. Microwaveable Metal Racks are specially designed to be used inside the oven and if you are using another metal rack, that could also be a problem.

If all the reasons for sparking aren’t true, then the microwave could be having a mechanical problem. Make an appointment with a good mechanic to get to the depth of the problem.

Advantages Of Microwaveable Metal Racks

Now that you know how to safely use microwaveable metal racks, it is time to know about the endless advantages this metal rack has. Some of the advantages of these metal racks are given below

1- More Space For Heating Up Food

With the installation of microwaveable metal racks, you get to have more space to heat or cook a dish. You will be able to put a dish on a microwave plate and some of it on metal racks. This will heat the dish more quickly and in larger quantities.

2- Easy Defrosting

By using a microwaveable metal rack, it is easy to defrost food more quickly. Due to the rack being almost at the center of the oven, the frozen item will get more heat and get defrosted in record time.

3- Convection Cooking

Most microwaves have a convection cooking feature that allows you to bake different items in the microwave. If your microwave has this feature, you can easily do convection cooking on the microwaveable metal rack because the food will get enough heat from all directions.


Metal isn’t safe for microwaves, but if you have got a microwaveable metal rack then you are all good to use it. Make sure you know all the things related to using the metal rack in the oven. Microwaveable Metal Racks are extremely useful if you want to put something in a large quantity or defrost a dish in an oven. Keep a check on the metal rack so it doesn’t start to spark out of anywhere.

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