Packer Brisket vs Whole Brisket

If you like BBQ even moderately, you must have heard of Brisket. Yes, it is the layer of meat that is often cooked in smoke and has a juicy taste. The brisket is the breast or chest of the beef. If you ever tried to cook brisket at home, you must have come across the names Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket.

What are these names? And how do you know which type of brisket you want? You do not need to worry because we are going to end this confusion of yours. In this article, we are going to tell everything about Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket so there isn’t any confusion left. Let’s start.

packer brisket vs whole brisket

Difference Between Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket

If we think about this, don’t you think both are the same? Well, this might be the case but some points make Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket different from each other. The main difference that you can conclude is that a whole brisket is a complete cut of meat while a packer brisket is a piece of the whole brisket.

To put it in short: Packer Brisket is a part of the whole brisket.

If we talk about both of these briskets separately, maybe you will have a better understanding of them. So continue until the Brisket is completely cooked.

What is Packer Brisket?

Packer Brisket is a full piece of brisket that is cleaned and cut into a distinct size. From there, you can further cut it into slices and then it will be named Flat Brisket. Packer Briskets are the cuts from the beef breast and taste delicious when cooked on a low flame.

How To Cook Packer Brisket?

Cooking packer brisket can be difficult if you haven’t achieved the mastery of BBQ. Most people do not tend to cook a whole part of meat as it takes time, rather cut them into slices and then grill it. But if you want to cook and Packer Brisket first and then cut it according to the areas cooked, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

  • Marinate the brisket according to your taste.
  • Set up your smoker to at least 225 degrees. Packer Brisket can take up to 1.5-2 hours to cook properly.
  • Sometimes the brisket can get to your nerves by being fully cooked in the middle but not the edges. This can increase the chances of burnt meat.
  • You can cut up the brisket into flats to avoid overcooking.
  • Make sure you do not put the temperature higher than 225 because if you do it, the fat cannot get fully cooked.

Qualities Of Packer Brisket

  • You will find packer brisket clean of any extra fat, packed, and ready to be cooked.
  • Packer Brisket has the same nutritious qualities as any beef.
  • Packer is properly cut, but you can further divide it into slices known as brisket flat.
  • Packer Brisket is easily available in supermarkets.

What is a Whole Brisket?

People often get confused if the whole brisket is a packer brisket. Well, it is. Packer brisket is named after it is properly cut and packed, but all this time before it is referred to as Whole Brisket.

The whole Brisket is the actual part of the chest or breast of the beef, that consists of a large number of fats and connective tissues. You can also say that a Whole Brisket has The Flat and The Point.

What are The Flat and The Point in Brisket?

When you buy a raw brisket, you can often see a layer of flat in between the two parts of the meat. One part of the Brisket is called The Flat and the other part is called The Point. The Point is a small part of Brisket and The Flat is a larger part. Both have the opposite direction of grains on the meat.

How To Cook Whole Brisket?

You can directly cook Whole Brisket but it may take a while to do so. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to eat a delicious brisket:

  • Buy the whole brisket from a supermarket or butcher’s shop.
  • When you lay it out on your counter, you will see two parts of it, The Flat and The Point.
  • The Flat will have more fat on it that you have to cut with a knife.
  • Slowly but gracefully get rid of all the fat.
  • Now marinate the meat with all your favorite spices and do not forget the bbq sauce.
  • Now let your smoker to 225 degrees and put the whole brisket on it.
  • You should be mentally prepared that it is going to take at least 2 hours to cook.
  • You will see that the middle part of the brisket is being cooked fastly as compared to its edges. Cut the meat into pieces for your convenience.
  • When the meat is done, you are all ready to enjoy its enchanting taste.
  • The melted connective tissues in the meat will make it juicy with a unique taste.
  • Enjoy your whole brisket and even invite your friends.

Qualities of A Whole Brisket

  • Whole Brisket is a favorite among BBQ lovers because when the connective tissues melt, they add a juicy and delicious taste to the brisket.
  • The whole Brisket is the one part that supports the animal’s weight and is often buff because of all the moving.
  • Whole Brisket has lower fat compared to the other parts of beef.
  • It is full of protein.

Similarities Between Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket

Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket are the same things. Both are beef that is taken from the breast area of the animal. Both the Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket comprise the same nutritious values and are used for bbq. Both of these products are popular in America, especially in the states of Texas and Arkansas because people there do BBQ frequently.

Packer Brisket is Whole Brisket and Whole Brisket is Packer Brisket. You can cook both of them on grills, and cut them into pieces or use their slices in burgers or sandwiches.

Where Can I get Packed And Whole Brisket?

Brisket is available easily in supermarkets. Whole Brisket may be hard to find in the stores so you have to make your way to Butcher’s shop or slaughterhouse to get it. Packed Brisket can also be found there but supermarkets often have a good storage of them.

Is The Packer Brisket Called The Whole Brisket?

You may often confuse the terms Packer, Whole, and Flat Brisket. One thing you need to know is that all of them can come from a single piece of meat. Just their definitions can be slightly different.

A whole brisket is a complete part of beef’s breast, while a packer brisket is a brisket cleaned of any extra fat with the flat and the point separated. A flat brisket is the slices cut from a packer brisket.


Packer Brisket and Whole Brisket had got everyone confused. Now you know that a packer brisket is a Brisket without the flat and the Whole Brisket has the point and the flat on it. Cook your brisket by grilling it at a low temperature for a long time and enjoy a fantastic time with your family and friends.


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