Air Fryer vs Broiler

We all know eating deep-fried things is harmful to our health. But you would have noticed that a little appliance in your kitchen doesn’t use much oil but still gives the taste of deep-fried food. Yes! You have guessed it right. That appliance is called Air Fryer. Wait what!? That is a broiler!? No, you must have been confused between these two terms. So lets do the Air Fryer vs Broiler dig down.

Yes, maybe an air fryer and a broiler serve almost identical purposes but they have their differences. Hey, no need to worry about it. We are here to give answers to all your confusion so if you do not have any of these appliances yet, you will be able to make a smart choice.

air fryer vs broiler

Difference Between An Air Fryer And A Broiler

Before jumping into details about these two appliances, you should be aware of some differences between them. One of the very first differences you will find among them is that an air fryer is smaller in size but a broiler is wider and has more space. You can use both of them to cook whatever you like without adding an insane amount of oil, but sometimes you do not need to add even a little bit of oil in an air fryer but oil in a broiler is a must.

You will also find an air fryer quicker to cook things, while a broiler may take some more time to cook as compared to an air fryer. And one amazing thing with broilers is that you can use different grills and griddles but with an air fryer, only an oven with an electric heating system is compatible.

What Is An Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is a small appliance that can be used for frying different types of meals without dipping them in large amounts of oil. Air Fryer uses a hot air circulating system that helps in browning and making meals crisp without a single splash of oil.

How Does An Air Fryer Works?

An air fryer works by spreading hot air throughout the appliance. The food you put inside it gets cooked with that hot air produced by the fan. You do not need to put any oil in it, yet it will give a proper deep-fried taste to your food. When you put something to be fried in the fryer, it rotates to cook properly from all sides. This way the food gets cooked faster. Isn’t it wonderful!?

Advantages of Air Fryer

You can have the following advantages of an air fryer:

  • Air fryers have really simple controls and anyone can easily use them.
  • You can enjoy a deep-fried crispy flavor without using oil with the help of an air fryer.
  • You can make almost every type of fried food in an air fryer.
  • As there is no oil involved, you can have healthy meals.
  • An air fryer tends to cook food faster and you can even heat different things.
  • You can easily clean and take care of an air fryer.

Disadvantages Of Air Fryer

You can also find some of the disadvantages of an air fryer. It is important to know them so you do post analysis for air fryer vs broiler comparison.

  • Air Fryer doesn’t have a large space to cook plenty of meals. You can only cook a specific amount of food in it.
  • Even if you can cook many things in it, a large number of different things like cheese, leafy vegetables, Popcorn, etc cannot be cooked inside it.
  • You have to clean it thoroughly after every cook.
  • Some air fryers also tend to make loud noises while working. The noise is from the air fan inside the appliance.
  • An air fryer may consume more electricity.

What Can Be Cooked In An Air Fryer?

By using an air fryer, you can enjoy the following food:

  • You can enjoy many vegetables like onions, broccoli, and zucchini by frying them in an air fryer.
  • Many meat dishes like steak, fried chicken, and meatballs can be made in an air fryer.
  • Bake apples or make pancakes, air fryer is good for all things.
  • The best thing is that you can cook frozen fries in the fryer too!

What Is A Broiler?

A broiler often serves the purpose of an oven or sometimes is present in the oven. The broiler helps in grilling different types of meals by providing direct heat to it. You can use a broiler on gas or electricity. It can make your meal crispy, tasty, and easy to cook.

How Does A Broiler Work?

A broiler has only two heating areas, one at the top and the other at the bottom. You have to oil the meal to be cooked a little bit, before putting it in the broiler. It won’t rotate around so you will have to flip whatever you are cooking every little while to make it perfectly cooked.

Advantages of Broiler:

Some of the best advantages of the broiler that will make you immediately buy it are:

  • The broiler can be easily used by anyone without any problems.
  • The broiler is best for grilling chicken and other food.
  • The broiler has more width, and as a result, more food can be cooked.
  • You can high and low the temperature in a broiler according to yourself.
  • A broiler is easy to clean and maintain.

Disadvantages of Broiler:

You can come across the following disadvantages of broiler while using it. These disadvantages will help you with post analysis of air fryer vs broiler analysis.

  • As the broiler is bigger, it can take up more space in your kitchen.
  • A broiler takes time to cook food completely.
  • Sometimes you need to flip the piece of meat or any other food to make it cooked from both sides.

What Can Be Cooked In A Broiler?

You can cook various things in a broiler. Some of them include:

  • It can be used to grill and fry steak and any sort of meat.
  • It is best for grilling seafood.
  • Some vegetables like zucchini etc can also be cooked in them.
  • Oh, try broiling some fruits like pineapples and bananas. They taste amazing after.

Similarities Between An Air Fryer and A Broiler:

Both of them are almost identical in their work. You can find the following similarities between them:

  • An air fryer and a boiler have almost the same model designs.
  • You can fry and grill your food with both of these appliances.
  • Both, the air fryer and broiler are very easy to use.
  • You can fit both of them in a little corner in your kitchen.
  • A Broiler and an air fryer are easy to maintain.

Which Seems The Best Option? An Air Fryer or a Broiler?

The best option for you is the one that suits you the best. Both, the air fryer and the broiler, can be used for frying and grilling. But most of the time, a broiler doesn’t serve the purpose of frying a lot of things. You can grill whatever you want on a broiler but sometimes the air fryer doesn’t grill a portion of food as you want it to.

Air Fryer undoubtedly has the latest technology but a broiler also isn’t short of it. The answer can be simplified as that if you like fried chicken, get an air fryer but if you like grilled chicken, a broiler is best. 


Air fryers and broilers are very important for frying and grilling food with a very low amount of oil. You can enjoy healthy meals with the help of them. They are becoming really popular in households now and are the talk of house parties and gatherings. So get whatever suits you the best and have the best-flavored foods in minutes. We hope that this post of air fryer vs broiler comparison would have helped you with your decision.


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