GreenPan Rio Review

If you are looking for good kitchen products that will be your best friends during cooking, we have got a magic wand for you. Yes! GreenPan Rio is the answer. GreenPan is a company of cookware and bakeware non-stick pans and pots that make your cooking experience smooth and easy. They have the perfect heating material and make sure that your food is properly cooked without having to wait for the pan to heat up. But have you heard about the GreenPan Rio collection? No!? Let us tell you people about it then.

Let’s know more about GreenPan Rio and what people think about it.

What Is GreenPan Rio Collection?

Sometimes the kitchen seems a boring place with just black and white things sitting around cupboards. If you want to make your place more vibrant with colorful cookware, GreenPan Rio is the best thing for you. The company GreenPan has launched its collection named Rio which has different cookware available in colors like turquoise, red, pink, and black.

Features of GreenPan Rio Products

You can find the following features on GreenPan Rio Products:

  • GreenPan Rio has the latest cookware technology used while making its pans and pots and other baking utensils.
  • All of the pans are non-stick which means the food you are cooking will not get burnt easily.
  • The GreenPan Rio pans and pots are the best conductors of heat. That’s why they get heated easily.
  • The materials used in these products are stainless steel and aluminum.
  • The handles of these pans are isolators and will remain cool no matter whatever the heat the pan is getting.
  • You will get glass lids with all pans.
  • You will have different color options available to choose from.

What Type of Cookware Is Included In GreenPan Rio Collection?

GreenPan Rio offers a lot of kitchen products that help you make tasty food a lot easier. Name any type of pan and you will probably find it on their website. You can get your hands on the following kitchenware:

  • Frypans
  • Sauté Pans
  • Sauce Pans
  • Stock Pots
  • Woks
  • Roasters
  • Griddles
  • Grill Pans

In addition to these pans and pots, you can separately get glass lids and different kitchen tools to help you more. A complete cookware set can also be bought from the website. You can also find products in different colors too.

Is GreenPan A Good Brand For Cookware?

If you are not sure if GreenPan is worth it or not, we can go through all of its details so you can decide for yourself.

Exterior Material:

The best exterior material of GreenPan Rio is made of aluminum. This means that aluminum is the reason that the pan heats up quickly and is durable for a long time. The pans and stoves are available in different sizes and each size has perfect stability and use to it. It is an important thing to mention for the GreenPan Rio review.

Interior Material:

The interior of greenpan rio is made of thermolon that gives the grey shiny structure to the inside of the pan. It is a non-stick ceramic material that makes it possible to cook food without making it stick to the surface. It is also the reason for not producing fumes when the pan is overheated or comes in contact with water.


The GreenPan Rio handles are specially designed for easy grip and handling. You can see that GreenPan logo etched onto the handle and it gives a nice sophisticated look to the pan. Sometimes people complain that due to this logo it is difficult to clean the pan as dirt and oil get trapped in it.


The lids of Greenpan Rio cookware are made of glass so you can look through the meal you are cooking without removing the lid. The handles of these lids are made of stainless steel and have a special design. The lids can easily handle the moisture and this in return makes your food juicy and tender.


GreenPan Rio’s pots and pans are also available separately but if you want to buy the whole collection, just say the word. They are easily available on Amazon and in departmental stores like Target and Walmart.

The GreenPan Rio turquoise cookware starts at $113.88 on Amazon. Different colors have different pricing. The black is available for $109.55. Similarly, pink and red are available for $153.99 and $109.46 respectively.

What Do People Say About GreenPan Rio?

From what you can see on Amazon and other websites, people love GreenPan pots and pans. As they are made of non-stick ceramic material, people choose them because this type of cooking ware can keep them away from different diseases. The pans and pots are easy to maintain too, so we don’t think there are any problems with GreenPan Rio.

Is GreenPan Rio Cookware Worth It?

Many people have been using GreenPan cookware and most of them are satisfied with their work and quality. People have said that they weren’t happy with their previous pans and pots but since they have bought GreenPan’s Rio collection, their lives have been easier and their food, is healthier and tasty than ever.

You can use low flame but the pan will heat up quickly so you can cook your favorite food. One thing about GreenPan products is that they are non-toxic. Usually, the material used in other cookware is toxic that can cause cancer from frequent use. The material chips away and become a part of the food you cook in it. But not, GreenPan as it uses the best material that doesn’t chip away.

It is really easy to clean too. As it is non-stick, the food doesn’t stick to the surface and it gets immediately easier for you to clean the pan or pot. So we can say that GreenPan Rio is worth it if you are looking for healthy and attractive cookware set for your kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Where are GreenPan products made?

GreenPan has its factories in China and Italy, but its origin is China. So GreenPan Rio is made in China.

2- What material is GreenPan Rio cookware made of?

Some people think that GreenPan Rio is made of Teflon, but this is the biggest misconception as Teflon is a harmful material. GreenPan Rio cookware is made up of aluminum and thermolon which makes it non-stick and non-toxic.

3- Can You Cook Food In GreenPan With High Heat?

Yeah, cooking in GreenPan cookware with high heat is okay but it’s not advisable. Using high heat can shorten the pan or stove’s life as they are non-stick. You can use low to medium heat for the perfect use of GreenPan Rio.

4- Is the GreenPan Rio collection stackable?

Yes, you can easily stack pans and pots inside each other. Usually, people want to know this beforehand buying it because some have space issues in their kitchen. So, yeah, GreenPan Rio cookware is easily adjustable inside each other.


GreenPan is a well-known cookware and bakeware brand that has a beautiful collection of pots and pans. GreenPan Rio is a collection of 12 pieces of cookware that helps you a lot in cooking different products. The pricing is reasonable too. So, if you are looking for a good cookware brand, you should try GreenPan.


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