Can you Deep Fry in an Air Fryer?

Who doesn’t love flavorsome yet crispy fried food? We all do! But deep frying oily food can be dangerous for your health too. One method which can reduce the risk of unhealthy effects on your health is air-frying. Let’s have a look! One cannot deep fry any food in an air fryer because most of them require an immense amount of oil and an air fryer does not work that way.

Air fryers are an alternative for deep frying as it makes the process quite easier. All you can do is brush the food with a little oil and place it in the air fryer; the final result will be crispy fried food. However, when it comes to deep frying, an air fryer is not the deal. Why is that so? The answer is simple; let us tell you in this article!

How is air frying different from deep frying?

An air fryer is originally a convection oven that is used to cook several foods in a nice crispy way. Many people think of it as a deep fryer, but that is not true. Deep frying requires the food to immerse properly in the oil, but air fryers cannot do that. Instead, they cook food at a very high temperature and include a blower fan that circulates the hot air all around the fryer.

Foods that hold their shape including egg rolls, Schnitzel, wings, or fries can be fried in an air fryer, but it might taste a little different from when they’re deep fried. However, if you plan on frying something that is marinated with batter, it might not be possible in an air fryer. The oil will spill over all the fryers resulting in compromising its quality.

How to deep fry food in an air fryer?

As mentioned above deep frying is far different from air frying but if you are wondering how to air fry food to get a deep-fried-like texture and taste, you’re at the right place. We know that it is not possible to add a lot of oil to an air fryer and dip the marinated food to be fried, but there is no harm in spring with a little oil on your food.

Yes right, all you have to do is just make sure that the item you are going to put in the air fryer is breaded and then spray a little oil on it. This will give a golden color to the fried food also, and the taste will be a lot better than a simple air fryer.

What’s better; air frying or deep frying?

Air frying and deep frying differ from one another in a lot of aspects but both of them have their pros and cons. Firstly, when it comes to food taste, deep frying wins here as it gives the crispiest exterior and better taste to the food. However, in terms of calories, air frying is the better choice as it does not add tonnes of calories due to the absorption of extra oil in the food, which deep-frying does.

Moreover, deep frying is a slow process as compared to air fryers so, if you are planning on saving some time, use an air fryer to prepare your food. Another benefit of the air fryer is that it is quite easy to clean, thanks to the non-stick basket attached to it. However deep frying requires a lot of effort to clean the grease due to the use of oil.


So, can you deep fry in an air fryer? The air fryer can be used to fry some foods that can hold their shape, but it cannot be used as a deep fryer. However, both of them are versatile appliances as you can deep fry a lot of food in the oil to prepare exotic recipe dishes. Also, an air fryer lets you grill, roast, or bake different foods including fruits vegetables, and meat. So it is not a bad choice to buy as an alternative to a deep fryer. Always look at your priorities, whether you prefer taste on calories, and then choose the best one.

can you deep fry in an air fryer



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