How To Steam Buns In A Microwave?

Feeling hungry and not having anything to eat? Make some buns and enjoy! What? You do not have an oven? It’s okay because you can easily make them in a microwave. You can do so by steaming them in it. Steaming the buns can sometimes be a problem. You do not know what heat they require and how much time it should take to properly cook them. But it’s all good because we are here to tell you how to steam the buns in a microwave.

Steps To Steam Buns In A Microwave

Steaming buns in a microwave is an easy task that you can do in a few minutes. Steaming buns in a microwave can be done with a few different techniques. We have mentioned 3 techniques by which you can easily steam the buns. They are as follows:

  • By Using A Wet Cloth
  • By Using Water In A Mug
  • By Heating Frozen Buns

By Using Wet Cloth:

You can steam a bun by wrapping a wet or damp cloth around it and then microwaving it. Get ready because we are going to steam buns in a microwave!

  • Grab a cloth that is neat and clean.
  • Wet it under the tap but make sure it is not properly soaked as it can make the buns soggy.
  • Now pick a bun and wrap that wet cloth around it.
  • Put it in the microwave and set the time to at least 1 minute.
  • Start microwaving.
  • The heat from the microwave will produce steam from the wet cloth.
  • After the time is over, take the bun out.
  • You will see that your bun has turned out soft and fresh.
  • Repeat the above steps to other buns too.

By Using Water In The Mug:

This is also an easy and quick way to steam your buns in a microwave. How? Read the steps as follows:

  • Fill the mug with water firstly.
  • Put a bun on top and that mug and place it inside the microwave.
  • Make sure the bun is well settled over the top of the mug.
  • Set the timer to one minute and click start.
  • When the water in the cup will heat up, it will produce steam that will go through the bun.
  • When the timer is over, take out your bun.
  • See if it has become soft. If not, you can again microwave it for another minute.
  • You will get a fresh bun out of it.

By Heating Frozen Buns:

This trick can really do a lot of good with your buns. Read the steps below to find out:

  • If you have frozen buns that have been frozen in the freezer for some time, take them out.
  • Now put them in a container that is suitable for microwaves and put a cover on it.
  • Put the container with the buns inside the oven and set a timer.
  • Microwave it for at least a minute and then take it out.
  • You will see the frozen buns being defrosted and soft by the steam production inside the container.
  • Enjoy your buns however you want.

Sometimes this method does not turn out well. That is either because you do not get proper heat or because the lid of the container is lifted off right the second it gets out of the microwave. You shouldn’t do this. You should let the container sit around for a few minutes with the lid on, so it can get as much heat as possible. Or else, the buns will turn out hard or soggy.

Why Should You Steam Buns?

Steaming buns is important because if you only heat them, they can become hard and dry. This can make all your bun eating experience bad. When you steam buns, whether, in the microwave or some other appliance, they can again become fresh and soft. Steaming buns can help you manage your time too because it is a quick process.

 How Much Time Does It Take To Steam Buns In A Microwave?

The steaming time depends on the state in which your buns are. Frozen buns may take more time as they have to defrost along the way too. Typically, steaming buns in a microwave take 2 minutes on average. The time can vary from 1 minute to 5 minutes. You can set the time to whenever you feel like the buns will be done.

Make sure that while streaming them in a microwave, the buns do not get burned but are also cooked well from the inside out at the same time. The inside of the bun should be kept soft and the outside should be a little hard just to give texture to the bun.

How Can You See If The Buns Are Steamed?

Some people get confused about whether their buns are steamed or not after steaming them in the microwave. But it is easy to see if the buns are properly steamed or not. You can do this by only the touch of your finger on the bun.

Touch the bun with your finger. If it feels spongy and hot, the bun is ready to eat. Make sure you do not burn your finger while doing it as the buns will be hot immediately after getting out of the microwave. Another method to check if the buns are completely steamed or not is by sticking a fork or a toothpick inside the bun. If it feels soft, you are good to enjoy your bun. The fork will also turn hot if that’s the case.

Types Of Buns That Need To Be Steamed

Not all buns have to be steamed in a microwave or a streamer. Some just need baking. There are also certain ingredients that you can add to your bun dough that will make it possible for the bun to be steamed in order for you to eat them.

The most popular type of steam buns is bao buns. They are small buns that are fluffy, and sweet and do not take up much time to get steamed. There are different types of recipes available for bao buns. You can add any type of filling you want to them. It can be something sweet or meaty. Another type of bun is called the Mantou bun. Both of these buns are made from Chinese recipes and are liked widely in China. You can also prepare them in your home too.

Is Steaming Buns In A Microwave Healthy?

We all know any dough-based items are full of calories, and basically unhealthy if you consume them frequently. Microwaving is also harmful as it produces toxic waves that can get inside your food.

Buns are obviously not healthy but sometimes eating them is okay. Steaming buns in a microwave are also not the healthiest technique you can use on your food, but if you are not doing it regularly, it will not be bad for you.

Why Are My Steamed Buns Not Being Soft Enough?

There can be a lot of causes if your buns are not being soft enough after steaming. If your buns are not turning out as you want them to, you can check with the following things: Make sure you do not open the lid immediately after microwaving them. Let the container sit around for some minutes because by doing so the steam produced inside the container can make the bun soft.

Another reason for your steamed buns turning super soft can be that condensation is happening while you are steaming them in a microwave. You should always put a lid on the container if you are going to steam them. By not putting the lid over, steaming cannot be done properly.

Why Do Steam Buns Get Hard When We Reheat Them?

The problem lies in the working principle of the microwave. Even though when you steam buns in a microwave, you can feel that they are moist and soft but when you reheat them, they get hard to bite. It is because the heat from the microwave sucks out every moisture from the outside to the middle of the bun. The heat makes the bun hard. To prevent this, you should always give the bun some moisture before reheating it.

Make sure you are steaming your buns for enough time. When you do not give it enough time to get steamed properly, it can remain a little uncooked. Not only can it be a reason for hardness, but it can also affect the taste of the bun.

The Way To Keep Your Buns Warm After Steaming Them

If you have steamed the buns but don’t want to eat them right now, you can preserve their warmth and texture by covering them with a lid right after steaming. This will prevent any heat from pouring out and the buns will remain soft.


Not having a steamer is not a big problem if you want to steam your buns. Use your microwave and with the help of the above-mentioned procedures, you can easily steam the buns. The buns will turn out soft, fresh and delicious when you steam them in a microwave.

how to steam buns in a microwave


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