Why Instant Pot Slow Cooker is Stuck on Pre-Heat?

Instant pot is used as electric cooker since they come with many glaring yet useful features, but they stuck on preheat. Have you ever wondered why is that so? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Instant pot cooks food with pressure therefore they need time to heat up properly which is known as the pre-heating process. While this cooker is considered to be high pressure-cooking pot, few people use it as a slow cooking pot thus, they face some issues regarding the pot that is stuck in preheating phase. It can happen due to many reasons thus here is a list of why instant pot slow cooker is stucked on pre-heat.

Instant Pot and Preheat

When Instant Pot is used for cooking, the display panel shows ‘ON’ while it is in preheat phase. After attaining a certain temperature, pressure is created inside it and it turns on the timer. The preheating temperature varies from model to model of Instant Pot. Also, they need a longer time to heat up if you have placed food in a higher amount. Furthermore, when the needed amount of pressure is generated in the pot, only then the timer will begin.

If you are using an instant pot as a slow cooker with a slow cooking function, the pot might now stick in preheat phase since it does not create enough pressure. It might only happen when you use a pot as a slow cooker.

My Instant Pot is stucked on pre-heat. Why is it so?

For new users of Instant Pot, it may or may not get stucked on the pre-heat phase but it is a common problem. Here are some factors if not considered properly might be a reason why the instant pot slow cooker is stuck on pre-heat.

Valve Releasing is not seal set

  • One of the major reasons is the releasing of the valve is not set to a seal. So you should keep checking if it is set or not.
  • If the release valve is set to vent, the pressure inside will get out and hence instant pot would not have any pressure inside.
  • Steam should be released from the float valve and not from the release valve since it will automatically be sealed. When adequate pressure is formed, it will stop releasing.
  • If the release valve is set to vent and not seal, the pressure would not form in the pot. Hence, the pre-heating and cooking procedure will remain unfinished. In case the pressure rises, it will be released from the float valve.

Damaged and Misaligned seals that can cause it to stuck at pre-heat.

If the sealing rings are damaged and not aligned suitably, they would cause a leakage of the pressure therefore, you should keep a check on them and replace after every 6-12 months. Also, it is better to use two rings; one for sweet and one for sour dishes.

Installation of Lids

If the issue is not with the sealing rings, you may need to check the placement of the lids. If they are not properly placed, it would not build the heat properly thus the Instant Pot will be stucked to pre-heat. Therefore, you can flip the lid to avoid this inconvenience and make sure it is tightly secured.

Heating Element

If a heating element of the Instant Pot does not work properly, it can result in heating issues. Since Instant Pot works like a stove, therefore, a heating element is crucial for you to set it and heat it. On the other hand, if this heating element stops working, the pre-heating cycle will keep going since there is not enough heat. The heating element needs professional replacement that depends on the severity of its mutilation.

Normal Duration for Pre-heating The Instant Pot

The normal duration depends on the amount of food you are putting inside the Instant Pot, still, it should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. If it takes longer than that, you might need to consider the replacement. Also, once it has completed its pre-heating cycle, you will hear a ticking sound.

Common Causes for Instant Pot Slow Cooker to be Stuck on Pre-Heat

Insufficient liquidThe Instant Pot needs a minimum amount of liquid to function properlyAdd more liquid to the slow cooker
Faulty temperature sensorThe temperature sensor may not be working properly, causing the Instant Pot to stay on pre-heatContact Instant Pot customer service for a replacement sensor
Overfilled slow cookerThe Instant Pot may be overfilled, making it difficult for the heat to distribute evenlyRemove some of the ingredients from the slow cooker
Power supply issuesThe Instant Pot may not be getting enough powerCheck the power source and try a different outlet
Defective heating elementThe heating element may be malfunctioningContact Instant Pot customer service for a replacement heating element

Possible Solutions to Fix Instant Pot Slow Cooker Stuck on Pre-Heat

Add more liquidThe Instant Pot needs a minimum amount of liquid to function properly
Contact customer serviceIf the temperature sensor or heating element is defective, contact Instant Pot customer service for a replacement part
Remove some ingredientsIf the slow cooker is overfilled, remove some of the ingredients to allow for even heat distribution
Check power sourceMake sure the Instant Pot is properly plugged in and try a different outlet
Reset Instant PotTry resetting the Instant Pot by unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in

Symptoms of Instant Pot Slow Cooker Stuck on Pre-Heat

Slow cooker stuck on pre-heatThe Instant Pot may stay on pre-heat mode without transitioning to the cooking mode
Overcooked foodIf the Instant Pot is stuck on pre-heat, it may overcook the food
Undercooked foodIf the Instant Pot is stuck on pre-heat, it may not cook the food properly
Burn messageThe Instant Pot may display a burn message due to the heat being concentrated in one area
Delayed cooking timeIf the Instant Pot is stuck on pre-heat, it may delay the cooking time of the food

Tips for Using Instant Pot Slow Cooker

Follow recipe instructionsAlways follow the recipe instructions to ensure proper cooking times and liquid amounts
Don’t overfill slow cookerDon’t overfill the slow cooker to allow for even heat distribution
Use enough liquidUse enough liquid to cover the ingredients and ensure the Instant Pot functions properly
Don’t open the lidDon’t open the Instant Pot lid during the cooking process, as it will release the heat and affect the cooking time
Clean regularlyClean the Instant Pot regularly to prevent any buildup or blockages

Comparison of Instant Pot Slow Cooker and Traditional Slow Cooker

AspectInstant Pot Slow CookerTraditional Slow Cooker
Cooking timeInstant Pot cooks food faster due to higher pressure and temperatureTraditional slow cooker takes longer to cook
VersatilityInstant Pot can perform multiple cooking functions, including slow cooking, pressure cooking, and moreTraditional slow cooker can only perform slow cooking
Ease of useInstant Pot is more user-friendly, with preset cooking options and automatic pressure releaseTraditional slow cooker requires


Time taken by instant pot slow cooker for cooking and will it stuck to pre-heat?

Instant pot takes time for cooking and if it is heated too much, it can be reason for pre-heat stuck. Therefore, these are the correct temperature on which it works perfectly.

If you choose the slow cooker setting + the normal= Cooking temperature is low and remains the same in the regular slow cooking.

If you choose the slow cooker setting + more= Temperature would be pretty high in a classic slow cooker.

Instant pot functions that can cause it to stuck at pre-heat

Instant pot has many functions since it can provide is services for many things. Hence, they can be a reason of its pre-heat stuck. Its functions are enlisted below.

  • You can use an instant pot for pressure and slow cooking if you want your food to be mouth-watering and flavorful.
  • Rice is cooked in the best way possible since it has a timer system. When the timer goes off, the cooking is automatically stopped.
  • Instant pot can sauté and caramelize your vegetables therefore, they can be used as a steamer.
  • You can make yogurt in an instant pot.
  • Instant pot will keep your food warm for a very long time.
  • Baking cakes and boiling eggs are easy in instant pot cookers since it contains various modes.


Common Problems that are associated with Instant Pot and how can you fix them?

Instant pot usually takes 15 minutes to create pressure and start time. If it takes more than 20 minutes to turn the timer on, you need to check the settings in case they are needed to be.

A ‘Burn’ message will be displayed if the food is burnt in the pot. It usually happens when the water levels are low or the water is not touching the side walls and bottom of the pot. Therefore, you need to let it cool down.

An error code message is generated in case the pot shows malfunctioning. If the water levels are reduced, the C5 sign will appear, and C1 for loss of temperature functioning.

The pot is generally beaten when the timer is set. However, if it does not happen, you need to check the screen if there is a coded message. Also, you will be able to fix the issue in that regard.

How can you use Instant Pot as a slow Cooker and avert pre-heat stuck?

Instant pot can be used as slow cooker so that they can avoid pre-heat stuck due to raised temperature. Thus, these are some techniques to prevent it from happening.

  1. First of all, place the food properly in the pot and add 1 cup of water to heat it properly.
  2. Close the lid by placing a glass lid that would allow some of the water to evaporate.
  3. Press the slow cook button and hit the adjustment button of the Slow Cooker Function on the Instant Pot and change the settings from normal to high.
  4. Use the normal or slow cooking button in case you want to cook them on low heat.
  5. Does Instant Pot use pressure for the cooking function? No, the cooking pot does not use any pressure for the slow cooking function. Therefore, you can use many lids since they won’t fit into it and you will not have to worry about the position.
  6. Instant Pot needs time of 10-15 minutes to pre-heat it before you start actual cooking of any recipe. If it takes time, cancel it and start again.
  7. Lastly, you can set the time and stir your food during cooking.


After discussing all the factors above, we have concluded that damaged seals, heating elements, installation of lids in an inappropriate way, and many other reasons can be a cause for instant pot slow cooker stuck on pre-heat. Thus, you need to take care of all these things and check your instant pot if you face the same issue so you can help yourself after reading it.

Why Instant Pot Slow Cooker Stuck on Preheat


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