Rice Cooker Button Wont Stay Down

Electrical appliances are high in the market since they have replaced our long hours in the kitchen with very short time while providing efficient services. We know kitchen appliances have made our lives way easier than they were. But there have been many issues with these electric pots since they are all machinery and require proper management after some time. If they do not get it, they stop working or interfere with daily work. Hence, a very tiring and hectic thing for the owner. Should I keep going? Rice Cookers are convenient and work efficiently, thus an advantage in daily cooking. But have you ever experienced a problem where the rice cooker button won’t stay down? If yes, you are at the right place.

What happens when the Rice cooker button won’t stay down?

Rice cookers are a blessing for all those who spend hours in the kitchen, especially working ladies; they can be very handy since they can put in the amount of rice they want to have, and it will be cooked within minutes. But as they are accessible to us, they have also been a source of daily routine problems. One issue is that the rice cooker button won’t stay down. It has been observed in the pots of many brands, including some famous and well-known brands. The issue can come in the form of:

  • It might be due to some maintenance issues like it has not been cleaned up for months.
  • You haven’t been careful while closing its lids and food aroma can spread.
  • The food would not be cooked properly.
  • Oily steam can sit on kitchen wall making them greasy.

All these issues exist but with their solutions at the back. Do you want to learn how to help yourself in tough times? So, here we are presenting some issues and their solutions.

Why has the problem arisen?

There are multiple reasons for these embarrassments. Some unimportant things like a damaged cord of the cooker can be one of them.

Another reason could include a system inside the cooker that would lead to permanent damage if not treated properly. Therefore, you must properly look at the part to be precise.

A damaged cord of the cooker

The cord looks insulated and thick from the outside, but they have small cables inside them, making them weak and easily broken. How would I know that?

If it is a problem, there might be restrictions in electrical conductance due to damaged cables; thus, you need to look out for them. If untreated, they may cause damage and even burn the cooker, so you must be careful. Sounds familiar?

A thermostat that is out-of-order

The thermostat regulates the temperature of any electrical appliance. If it stops functioning on the standard mode, this might cause the temperature to rise higher and eventually ruin the thermostat of the cooker.

It can cause the ruining of your appliance and also the blowing of thermal fuse and damaging of the appliance. Therefore, you need to stop using it at once, and either have it repaired or get a new one if urgent.

Problem in circuit-board

The problem could be with the circuit board too. Not good, right? If it is damaged, it might cause a mal-functioning in the cooker; it needs to be checked.

It is damaged either by a high voltage spike or a rise in the temperature inside the unit. A mutilated circuit board makes it impossible for the appliance to work properly. An electrical technician might be able to look into it properly and let you know if that is the reason or not.

Problems which won’t let its button down

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Once the rice has completed its cooking time, the switch might change its form and pop up. You need to verify if that is the case and if the rice is still in warm mode.

The switch might be wet due to water on your hands; therefore, you can clean the switch and take it down slowly to ensure proper movement. When it is properly placed down, this might help to keep it down until the pot is done cooking.

Plug the witch in the board and set the required temperature to cook rice. Cover the pot properly with the lid and let the rice cook until edible.

In case the button gets up again, you need to contact the company of the rick cooker and ask them to extend their help in this regard. Also, if you have the warranty card available, it might be an extra edge for help.

Other reasons for the down button issue

There might be an issue with the power socket. Thus you need to ensure that it is working properly by using another functioning tool. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the chance of a damaged socket.

Next, look for extra on/off buttons at the back of the rice cooker, which can be used at the time of need.

If you have not closed the lid properly, the buttons will not work. Therefore, ensure the lid is sealed properly to allow the cooker to function.

Even after a thorough check, the cooker is not responding, and there might be some technical issue. If you have some experience in electrical technicalities, you can sort it out at home; you need to contact the brand and explain your issues requiring professional help.


Where electric cookers have made lives easier, they have also been a problem since they require repairs after some time. The machinery is working almost every time. Thus they get rusty and ill as soon as their workload increases. Therefore, you will have to check on them to be aware of the problems it has. Also, if you find any problems like the rice cooker button won’t stay down, you can take assistance from this article and help yourself out.

rice cooker button wont stay down


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