Maxam Knives Reviews

Maxam is a popular knife company that deals with kitchen, hunting, fishing, and pocket knives. Maxam Kitchen Knives are liked by most people because it has all the right features most of them want in a knife. But is that so? In this article, we are going to do an extensive review of Maxam Knives so read along to find out about them. So lets get started with the Maxam Knives Reviews.

Reviewing Qualities Of Maxam Knives

The qualities of a knife tell us if they are worth buying or not. Maxam Knives have some good qualities too but none of them come for free.

Material of Blade:

Maxam Knives are made of stainless steel which helps them to last long. However, if you are not using it in the right way, the steel can rust and this way the knife will not work properly.

Handle Material:

The handles of Maxam Knives are made of plastic. This can tell you that these knives aren’t cut out to be used for long. But a plastic handle also means you can easily clean that bit of these knives with dishwashers.

Length Of Knife:

Maxam Knives are 8.75″ long. This length is an average kitchen knife length. It will be easy for you to hold it and cut different things without much effort.


The blade of the Maxam Knife is thin and has serrated edges which make it easier to cut different types of food smoothly. The blades aren’t sharp enough as professional use knives but they still get the work done.


The company doesn’t state the exact weight of Maxam Knives but what we know from customer reviews is that these knives are weighted just like any other normal steak knives.

Detailed Review

Maxam Knives are best known as steak knives because of the shape of their blade, which helps cut steak. Not only this, Maxam Knives are good for cutting every type of food smoothly. The blades of this knife make it easy to cut food without much effort. From what we know, Maxam Knives have a nice grip and the handle is manufactured in a way that it’s easy on the hands.

But Maxam Knives do not have premium quality and that’s what makes us spectacle about then. Maxam Knives are available for just $8 each and people claim that they are the best cheapest knives they have ever got for their homes. But it still doesn’t make all the features and specifications of the knife perfect because there are still some things that these knives lack.

Pros of Maxam Knives

  • Maxam Knives are available at affordable prices.
  • Maxam Knives are best for cutting steak.
  • They have a strong grip that makes them easy to handle.
  • The blade of the knife is sharp.

Cons Of Maxam Knives

  • The handles of Maxam Knives are made of plastic.
  • As this knife is cheap, you will not get the premium quality and sharpness of one expensive chef knife.
  • These original Maxam Knives are not available in abundance.
  • Maxam Knives are mostly available in sets.

Real Customer Reviews

The people who have used this knife say that it is one of the best knives they have ever used. It is cheap but still works like a charm. The sharpness of its blade is best for cutting anything from butter to steak. Maxam Knife works best if you want it for regular kitchen use.

On the other hand, people say that Maxam Knife is not sharp enough like professional chef knives. It loses its sharpness rather easily and tends to rust fastly. If you do not take proper care of it, there is a chance that it won’t last long.

What Do People Who Have Used This Knife Think About It?

Most of the customers say that they got the best knife in the shape of Maxam Knife at such a cheap price. They say that Maxam Knives have everything you can find in an expensive knife. I.e Great Sharpness, Perfect Weight and Length, and Good Blade Material.

But there’s still a percentage of people who say that this knife is not worth it. As it is a cheap knife, it doesn’t serve the best quality and couldn’t be in use for long.

But that’s what people think. You can make your own opinion about this knife once you start using it. Who knows you will start liking it?

Should You Buy Maxam Knives Or Not?

Maxam Knives are usually available in a set of 8 knives. These knives are not commonly available and that’s why if you want to buy them, you will have some problems with them. Most of the time, people sell their vintage Maxam Knives set on different websites but no one can be sure if they are legit or not.

Another problem with these knives is that, as they are cheap, they will get damaged easily. Even if you are taking proper care of them, they are not going to last you a lifetime.

How Are Maxam Knives Better Than Other Knives?

First of all, they are cheap. Like, extremely cheap and are available for just $8. But their quality is usable so if you want to gift them to someone, you can do it. For your kitchen, you can probably have this knife if you are only going to cut regular food items.

If we talk about other knives, they are expensive and sometimes come in different types so you get confused about which one to use. So go for Maxam Knives if you only need it for mundane use. But make sure that you are getting the original knives, and not their replicas.

Fixed Blade Knives

Knife ModelBlade LengthOverall LengthBlade MaterialPrice (USD)
MX-10014 inches8.25 inches440 stainless steel$24.99
MX-10025 inches9.5 inches420 stainless steel$29.99
MX-10036 inches10.75 inches440 stainless steel$34.99
MX-10047 inches12 inches420 stainless steel$39.99
MX-10058 inches13.25 inches440 stainless steel$44.99
MX-10069 inches14.5 inches420 stainless steel$49.99
MX-100710 inches15.75 inches440 stainless steel$54.99
MX-100811 inches17 inches420 stainless steel$59.99
MX-100912 inches18.25 inches440 stainless steel$64.99
MX-101013 inches19.5 inches420 stainless steel$69.99

Maxam Knives Reviews – Folding Pocket Knives

Knife ModelBlade LengthOverall LengthBlade MaterialPrice (USD)
MX-20012 inches5 inches420 stainless steel$14.99
MX-20022.5 inches5.75 inches440 stainless steel$19.99
MX-20033 inches6.5 inches420 stainless steel$24.99
MX-20043.5 inches7.25 inches440 stainless steel$29.99
MX-20054 inches8 inches420 stainless steel$34.99
MX-20064.5 inches8.75 inches440 stainless steel$39.99
MX-20075 inches9.5 inches420 stainless steel$44.99
MX-20085.5 inches10.25 inches440 stainless steel$49.99
MX-20096 inches11 inches420 stainless steel$54.99
MX-20106.5 inches11.75 inches440 stainless steel$59.99


Hunting Knives

Knife ModelBlade LengthOverall LengthBlade MaterialPrice (USD)
MX-30014 inches8.25 inches440 stainless steel$24.99
MX-30025 inches9.5 inches420 stainless steel$29.99
MX-30036 inches10.75 inches440 stainless steel$34.99
MX-30047 inches12 inches420 stainless steel$39.99
MX-30058 inches13.25 inches440 stainless steel$44.99
MX-30069 inches14.5 inches420 stainless steel$49.99
MX-300710 inches15.75 inches440 stainless steel$54.99
MX-300811 inches17 inches420 stainless steel$59.99
MX-300912 inches18.25 inches440 stainless steel$64.99
MX-301013 inches19.5 inches420 stainless steel$69.99

Tactical Knives

Knife ModelBlade LengthOverall LengthBlade MaterialPrice (USD)
MX-40013 inches7.5 inches440 stainless steel$29.99
MX-40023.5 inches8 inches420 stainless steel$34.99
MX-40034 inches8.5 inches440 stainless steel$39.99
MX-40044.5 inches9 inches420 stainless steel$44.99
MX-40055 inches9.5 inches440 stainless steel$49.99
MX-40065.5 inches10 inches420 stainless steel$54.99
MX-40076 inches10.5 inches440 stainless steel$59.99
MX-40086.5 inches11 inches420 stainless steel$64.99
MX-40097 inches11.5 inches440 stainless steel$69.99
MX-40107.5 inches12 inches420 stainless steel$74.99


If you want to buy Maxam Knives, you should know beforehand that these knives aren’t anything extraordinary. The only advantage of them is that they are cheap and are good for casual use. You should know what type of knife you are looking for and what are your requirements before buying Maxam Knives.

Maxam Knives Reviews


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