Wasabi Knives Review

Japanese Knives are famous all around the world and there are thousands of reasons for it. Wasabi Knives are also one of the top quality Japanese Knives, and are used worldwide because of their amazing use. There are many other exceptional Japanese knives available in the market but are Wasabi Knives really in the competition? In this article, we have reviewed Wasabi Knives so you can decide if they are worth buying or not. Lets dive deeper into the wasabi knives review in detail.

General Review

Wasabi Knives are kitchen knives that are known for their beautiful shape and excellent design. You get a whole set of Wasabi Knives, along with sharpening tools when you decide to buy these knives. As said by manufacturers, Wasabi Knives are made in Japan and are usually hand-forged.

Even though Wasabi Knives are available in several types, only a few types have been successful in making a mark for themselves. The best thing about these knives is their shape. They are a bit rounded which makes them easier for cutting food without making a mess out of it. What we didn’t like about these knives is that they are not good enough for home use. If you are a chef, then this knife is good for your use, but for regular use, you should start looking for normal knives.

The sharpness of the knife also fades away over time. That’s why Wasabi Knives have a knife sharpener with it too. But this can be frustrating to you because when the knife loses sharpness you will have to sharpen it again and again.

Features Of Wasabi Knife:

Lets analyse the features for Wasabi Knives Review.


Wasabi Knives are made of High Carbon Japanese steel. The best thing about this type of steel is that it lasts longer than 50 years. So if you buy knives made of this material, they are going to serve you for a long time. And that’s the case with Wasabi Knives too. They have strong and excellent-quality steel which makes them durable.


The handles of Wasabi Knives are made of polypropylene. It is plastic so you should know that you are going to get a plastic handle with your Wasabi Knife. Plastic Handles aren’t durable and most of the time do not provide a good grip on knives.

Cutting Edge:

Wasabi Knives have a 16 degrees cutting edge which is the best one a knife can have. This makes it easier for knives to chop and cut things. So Wasabi Knives are at an advantage because of the 16 degrees of cutting edge.

Pros Of Wasabi Knives

Some of the pros of Wasabi Knives are as follows:

  • No matter what type of Wasabi Knife it is, it is going to be lightweight.
  • The slight curve on these knives makes them easy to cut through anything.
  • These knives have excellent sharpness.
  • They are washable in water.

Cons Of Wasabi Knives

You can find the following cons in Wasabi Knives:

  • If you use these knives frequently, then you have to regularly sharpen them.
  • A non-professional chef will have difficulties in self-sharpening the knife.

Should You Buy Wasabi Knives?

It all depends on which type of knife you are looking for. If you want a sharp kitchen knife that also has amazing quality, then Wasabi Knives are also good enough. There are also other best Japanese Knives available in the market but if you have to choose something with a lesser price, Wasabi Knives are good enough. Not only are they affordable, but their quality also doesn’t decline with the price.

But you should also consider all the cons of these knives before making a decision. Some of the drawbacks of these knives can stop you from buying them.

How Are Wasabi Knives Better Than Other Knives?

From what we have concluded from different reviews and our experience, Wasabi Knives are better than many Japanese Knives. Not only do they have looks, but their quality is amazing too. They have excellent sharpness, and a strong grip to get you through cutting and chopping different things in the kitchen.

Yes, Wasabi Knives also have some drawbacks but they are not as extreme as some other knives. For instance, you have to sharpen it frequently but for this, the company also provides a knife sharpener.

Real Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought these knives say that no one can compare to the sharpness of Wasabi Knives. They are extremely lightweight and their round edge makes it easy to chop food. They say that Wasabi Knives have excellent quality at an average price. They also recommend these knives to people who are looking for some good quality knives for home as well as professional use.

However, there is something that customers also complain about. They say that after some time, the Wasabi Knives lose their sharpness and do not sharpen no matter how hard or frequently they try to sharpen it. This tells the quality of the blade that is used on knives. But if you are taking well enough care of knives, they are going to be just fine.

What Do People Who Have Used This Knife Think About It?

People who have used Wasabi Knives are happy about their quality and think they are the best knives they have ever used. Surely, these knives have some disadvantages too but all of them get blurred once you get to know about the amazing pros of Wasabi Knives. People say it has excellent sharpness and a good grip which makes it easier to love this knife.

Only the negative thing people say about this knife is that its sharpness doesn’t stay for long. People recommend using this knife only for casual use, and if you are a professional chef you should look for other chef knives.

Alternatives Of Wasabi Knives

Even though Wasabi Knives are good for use if somehow you cannot find these knives, there are some alternatives too. If you are looking for the same quality knife as a Wasabi Knife, we suggest that you look for Gyuto Knives. Another type of knife is Santoku. Both of these knives, Gyuto and Santoku, have amazing quality and sharpness.

Final Words

What type of knife you use is your personal choice. However, Wasabi Knives are amazing in their quality and work. Yes, they have some drawbacks too. You should consider all of the things before buying a knife. Nothing is going to be perfect but if a knife has more cons than pros, drop it in an instant and start looking for a knife that suits you the best.

Wasabi Knives Review


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