Rebar Grill Grate

Anyone who loves bbq and grilling must be in search of making their grate good enough for it. Sometimes grill grates can appear costly, so you should make them in your home. But how? Rebars are the answer. You must have some extra rebars in your home. You can use them to make a rebar grill grate. In this article, we will tell you how you can make your grill grate with the help of rebars.

Steps To Rebar Grill Grates

There are some steps that you can follow if you want to make a rebar grill grate. You will need some important things, most especially the rebars. If they are available in your house, then nothing is stopping you from making a Rebar Grill Grate.

Gather All The Things You Need

The first step is to know about the things you will need to rebar the grill gate and then gather it. First of all, you will need some pieces of rebar according to your requirements. To build a proper grill, you will need some iron rods for its legs so you can easily manage the grate on it.

Another important thing you will need is a chop saw. You can also use a hacksaw. Oh, do not forget the welding tool because without it you will not be able to make a rebar grill grate. If you do not have a welding machine, it’s okay. You can weld the parts together by taking them to any welder shop available near you.

Prepare All The Things

This step is for the preparation of making a rebar grill grate. You need to estimate the size of grills you want and that should be according to the size of your pit. You need to cut the rebar in the size you need. A circular grill is more advantageous but for your ease of yourself, you can cut it in a square shape too.

Calculate the length of bars and their quantity. Use a measuring tape or a ruler for it. The rebars should be of equal length. You have to cut and weld them together to make a perfect grate. The minimum quantity of the bars should be five. You can increase the quantity according to the size of the pit.

Making The Grate

Now comes the most important step– making the grate. First of all, cut the rebars according to your size requirement. Align them next to each other and start welding. Make sure that the rebars are correctly placed and that nothing is out of order.

The spaces between the rebars should be equal and enough for the heat to get through. For spacing, you can use a measuring tape, ruler, or even your fingers. The space shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow because it can give you trouble while grilling.

Set The Rebar

Once the rebar is welded and ready for grilling, you have to place it carefully on the pit. You can also make your makeshift pit by using anything a bit deep so you can put coal in it. Another thing to keep in mind is that it should fit onto the stand. Once the rebar grill grate is situated, you can easily use it for grilling purposes. If the grate isn’t the perfect size, you have to further cut it to make it fit.

Grill The Grate

Grilling the grate after the rebar is done is important if you want to make the bars good enough for grilling. For this purpose, you can use grease, epoxy, or any type of content that will produce some grease on the grill grate. Doing it twice will bring better results. Make sure that your rebar is clean enough for grilling.

Using The Grill

After the above steps, you have to coat the bars with some cooking oil so the grills can be properly up for working. Apply the cooking oil to the rebars and let the coal run. This will produce rust and your grill grate will last forever.

Caring For The Grate

Rebar grill grate’s care is also important. Make sure that whenever you use the grate for bbq, clean it and then store it away. Sometimes the coating can come off during bbq, so you can heat it with cooking oil again to give it a clean look.

What If The Rebars Start Sagging?

Some people think that their rebars will start sagging after they get the heat as grills. And sometimes it happens too but there’s a solution for everything. You can weld some iron rods in a cross shape to prevent the rebars from sagging.

Advantages Of Using Rebar Grill Grate

Some of the advantages of Rebar Grill Grate are:

  • Rebar Grill Grates are affordable and most of the items to make it are available in your home.
  • Anyone can easily make rebar grill grates by themselves.
  • They are best if you do BBQ not so frequently.
  • The rebars can heat up pretty quickly.
  • Rebar Grill Grate is really useful to make burgers and for BBQ.

Disadvantages Of Using Rebar Grill Grate

In addition to the advantages, you may also find some of the disadvantages of Rebar Grill Grate too.

  • Rebar Grill Grate is not good if you grill a large quantity of meat or any food item.
  • The rebars can heat up quickly if the grill grate is frequently in use, so it can burn your food.
  • The rebars can sag and you will not be able to put your meal on it properly.


Rebar Grill Grate is one of the best things that you can use to make bbq and other things without spending much of your money on a proper grill grate. Rebar is economical and the grill grates are easy to make from it. Next time you want to make a grill grate, use the rebars in your home. They will be extremely useful for you.

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