Seido Knives Reviews

Japanese Knives are always said to be the best knives for professional chefs as well as normal kitchen users. Seido Knives are also one of the best Japanese-made knives that are known for their sharpness and exceptional quality. These knives come in one complete set and are chefs’ top choice and a trusty ally when it comes to the kitchen. But are these knives worth the hype? You will be able to know about them in this article.

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Detailed Review of Seido Knives:

Seido Knives are mostly used for professional use but one thing is for sure, these knives are just like any other Japanese Knives. You can find these kinds of knives on online websites like Ali Express and Amazon. The manufacturers claim that Seido Knives are exclusively handmade by Japanese blacksmiths but these knives are made in China. The Seido Knives are a set of 8 professional chef knives. Each knife in the set is cut out for a certain purpose but casual users do not know where to use each knife. One thing that we find good in Seido Knives is that they are good to handle if you know how to properly use chef knives. Its shape ensures that your hand doesn’t cramp or go numb if you are cutting something for long.

Reviewing Analysis Of Seido Knives

Some of the features that these Seido Knives are known for are given below:


One of the best things these knives are known for is their sharpness. Most chefs use these knives just because of this quality because due to their sharpness, it gets easier to cut different food fastly. But after some use, the sharpness of Seido Knives fades away. You will have to sharpen them from time to time.


These knives do not have any extraordinary design. As these Seido Knives come in a set, you can find each knife for a specific purpose. So you can use each knife for slicing, chopping, buttering, and other cutting techniques. If you are not a professional chef, you will not know which knife goes for which cutting purpose and this can cause frustration.

Blade Material:

The material used to manufacture the blade of these knives is Stainless Steel, exclusively from Japan, and is said to be one of the best Stainless Steel in the world. This material can go as long as 50 years without getting old and rusty. But that’s what the manufacturers say. There are complaints that Seido Knives rust faster if they are in continuous contact with water.


Seido Knives have different types and oftentimes they are available in sets. Seido Knives are a set of 8 professional chef knives and it is difficult to buy a Seido Knife separately. Each knife in the set is used for cutting and chopping specific foods. If you are only looking for a knife for routine kitchen use, Seido Knives aren’t for you.

Price Of Seido Knives

Seido Knives are easily available on Amazon and AliExpress but you may find a slight difference in prices on both sites. The best option is to buy Seido Knives from a direct seller because other sites mostly have replicas of these knives. Seido Knives do not come separately and have to be bought in sets. So a set costs about $240. You can buy an 8-piece knife set, 9 piece set, and a 10-piece chef knife set.

Are Seido Knives Worth Buying?

The answer can be subjective and opinionated. Seido Knives are expensive and have to be bought in a set. If you are only looking for a knife for normal kitchen use, then we suggest that you do not buy Seido Knives and look for other amazing Japanese knives.

On the other hand, if you are a chef and want a knife that will help you in the kitchen professionally, you can buy Seido Knives. Seido Knives consist of the design and sharpness every chef desires. But if you are using these knives frequently and aren’t taking good care of them, they can lose their sharpness and start rusting.

Pros Of Seido Knives

  • These knives are extremely sharp and can cut any food easily.
  • They are nice to handle because of their handle shape so you won’t get cramps and numbness in your hands after using the knife for too long.
  • Each knife in the Seido Knife set is for different purposes.

Cons Of Seido Knives

  • Seido Knives aren’t good for casual routine use.
  • Seido Knives can lose their sharpness after some uses and you will have to sharpen them now and then.
  • They are overpriced compared to other Japanese knives.
  • They are not washable in water because they rust.

Customer Reviews Of Seido Knives

The people who have used the original seido knives have said these knives are best if you are using them for professional use. Customers say that Seido Knives have a nice grip that makes it easy for them to chop and cut different foods without much effort.

They are extremely sharp but some complainants have been going around saying that Seido Knives lose their sharpness after some use. The knife users have to sharpen them, again and again, every month because they are not as reliable as they thought. Another frequent review that customers give about these knives is that they are not soakable. They have to clean them with dry or moist clothes, or else they start rusting.

Are Seido Knives Any Better Than Other Knives?

No, Seido Knives aren’t any better than other Japanese Knives. They aren’t even Japanese-made knives! You can find many other knives with the same qualities and features as Seido Knives, and at less prices too. So do not only get fixated on Seido Knives because there’s a whole world of professional knives out there for you to explore.

Alternatives Of Seido Knives

If you are not sure about Seido Knives, there are some amazing alternatives to this knife too. Before buying any knife, you should know about the requirements you have with the knife. Then you can make your decision about buying a certain knife.

The alternatives you can find for Seido Knives are Gyuto Knife and Shun Classic Chef Knives. Both of these knife companies are amazing in what they do. You can find different types of knives for different purposes and can buy which knife suits you the best.


Seido Knives aren’t for you if you are looking for a knife that you can use for everyday use. You can find some othknivesife at a lesser price but if you want to use these knives professionally, we say that you go for them.



Seido Knives Reviews


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