Yatoshi Knives Review

What are Yatoshi Knives?

Are you planning on buying high-quality knives but have no idea about Yatoshi knives, Yatoshi Knives claim they are superior to other knives since they are sharper and more exceptional. Special steel from Japan is used in their making. We are sure you want to get your hands on the Yatoshi Knives. You might be wondering if spending money on them is worth it. Yes, it is. People confuse these knives with Japanese but let me tell they are Chinese. Furthermore, one of the classic attributes of these Japanese knives is that they have a unique sloped bolster that grants the user a proper hand grip on the knife so that you have full authority to use it artistically and carefully.

If you want a proper review on Yatoshi knives, This article is for you!

Investigation of characteristics of Yatoshi Knives

Since these Japanese knives have been claimed to be the best till now, they have the following features that make them distinct from other knives that call themselves premium. After a thorough investigation, we concluded these points about Yatoshi Knives.

  • The brand claims the designs to be Damascus Steel Printed, but after looking, it was pattern carved on mono steel.
  • They have presented that the material full-tang has been used to keep the balance, but in reality, they have not used a full-tang. Therefore, the handle seems to be hollow.
  • The handle was said to be made with Pakkawood, but it was manufactured using real wood. Hence, it is not water-resistant.
  • The high-carbon stainless steel is Chinese and is never used in original Japanese products. Since they have claimed to use 7Cr17 steel, it is not the real matter. The sharpness of this carbon steel is not finer than the premium knives.
  • The blade is hard and difficult to keep with it; therefore, it will make the knives dull. It will lead to the dullness of the knife, which would be pretty fast once in use. Eventually, it would be of no use after some time.

Yatoshi Knives Set Review

It includes 3 main knife sets, but the most marketed one is the professional kitchen knife block set. You can check it out on Amazon under the category of Yatoshi 5 knife set and 7 knife set. Despite this, the offer for Yatoshi Knives is with bock and utility scissors in the Yatoshi 5 knife set.

How Yatoshi Knives is better than other knives?

The Knives are said to be made with imported steel and amazing manufacturers who ensure the best quality knives for the kitchen.These knives are made up with high carbon content steel, which is fine and better than other local knives. In this way, they balance quality and control over them, which the user demands.

About the knives, VG- steel has been used in them for their expert Damascus chef’s knife set. Moreover, these knives undergo heat procedures and other treatments, thus making them sharp and ready to use. Yatoshi Knives have been advertising its products as striking and best-quality knives since they have a Pakkawood Handle and an attractive Damascus pattern on the blade.

Reviewing the professional knife set of 7 knives

The Yatoshi knife set has many pieces. Each is different in shape, size, blade, and work efficiency. When buying, you must look for all the pieces and see their use. Once they are up to the mark, which means they provide definitive work, it is easy for you to invest in them. The set of knives includes the following specimens:

  • Yatoshi 8” Chef Knife
  • Yatoshi 7” Santoku Knife
  • Yatoshi 5” Santoku Knife
  • Yatoshi 8” Slicing Knife
  • Yatoshi 8” Bread Knife
  • Yatoshi 5” Utility Knife
  • Yatoshi 8” Paring Knife

Yatoshi Knives Prices

According to our experience, the brands mostly do not have a real stock of knives. They sell them through drop shipping since they are the middleman, not the real company. You will have to look for brands that sell good knives at good rates.

Are Yatoshi Knives good, Should we buy this?

In this review, we have shown the two sides of the coin. It is a Chinese brand that has been imposing itself as a Japanese company. They may have more decent knives than for the price and affordability. If you want better knives, you can look for other brands, check their details and grab them as soon as possible.

Yatoshi Knives customer review on the site

We found customer reviews on the brand site. It was strange that every customer had given a 5-star rating and very positive reviews. Reviews are important since they make the mind of customers whether to buy a certain product or not. They should not be sold this much since they have been entirely different from what they claimed to be. Brands usually trick customers and get money from them by providing third-class quality products. Not everyone likes everything hence the only positive review and not a single negative was something fishy for us. Therefore, we had to see the real reviews and find them.

Real customer reviews

On Amazon, we found real customer reviews through which we had a crystal-clear look at what the company has been selling to you guys.

We found people saying that, For the price the knives were okay. Big knives work just fine but the smaller ones are dull and wouldn’t perform their work as they should. Also, I found much better knives than these so I won’t recommend Yatoshi Knives. Sorry”

The claim to be the sharp knife and fine blades was just a hoax to get customers into the net. So, you must look for these reviews if you want to buy them.

We found another review that the knives were pretty normal but the claim about Damascus etching on the blade for not seen. It was not the real thing. They might have missed this step during the procedure.”

It was a total scam about Damascus etching. All that was observed was some traditional designs on the blades. It was done to mislead the customers.

Third-Party Reviews about Yatoshi Knives

We couldn’t find any reviews about Yatoshi Knives. There seemed to be no trustworthy and popular review sites that provided real reviews. On Scam Adviser, we did not even find a single review about them. It was a true picture of how they have been manipulating customers regarding their best-quality products, but in reality, it is all a scam.

Alternative for Yatoshi Knives

Since we have seen how they have been scamming people by providing information that is barely true thus, there are many brands that you can look up to for professional kitchen knives.

EUNA 5 Pc Ultra Sharp Japanese Knives

The following are the features of these knives.

  • A 5 pc set that is made with fine quality high-carbon forged stainless steel.
  • Very hard, possess the best sharpness followed by resistance from corrosion
  • The knife handle is made with polypropylene which looks beautiful and attractive to hold.
  • Handles are very comfortable to hold since the material is long-lasting, reliable, and very easy to clean.

DFITO Ultra Sharp Japanese Knives

The following are the features of these knives.

  • Set of knives that are finely made for cutting, slicing, and dicing anything in the kitchen.
  • Constructed with high-carbon forged stainless steel.
  • The blade might not be appealing but their work is impressive.
  • They have finger guards in between to ensure better protection.


Summarizing the article, all we could found that these Yatoshi Knives are good for the price but not very sharp for big uses. You can find much better affordable knives for the same price and provide good service. In the end, here is the original Yatoshi knives review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I buy these knives for my Kitchen use?

As far as the price is concerned, they might be good. But for extreme cuttings and cooking, it might not be a good option. They have small blades, which are not very efficient. However, the big blades work just fine.

Is the style and design of knives good?

They claimed Damascus design on the bade, but we could not find one from our perspective and thorough research. They had simple designs which were not even close to what they had claimed. \

Are these knives affordable?

Yes, they are affordable, but they are not very good for big and heavy cuts. They work fine. Therefore, you might have to look for some other brands if you are looking for something better.

yatoshi knives review


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