Huusk Knife Review

Huusk Knife is one of the most popular handmade knives. These are Japanese traditional knives but are made in China. If you are wondering whether these knives are worth buying or not, you have stumbled across the right place because we are going to share our review about Huusk Knife and tell you if you should buy these knives or not.

Critical Analysis Of Huusk Knife In Terms Of:

Before saying anything about this knife, we should talk about how the features of the Huusk Knife influence its qualities. Right below, we have done a detailed analysis of what makes this knife worthy and what doesn’t.


The weight of the Huusk Knife is said to be 252 grams. This means that the knife isn’t too light, that it can’t cut hard foods or that it isn’t too heavy, and that you will not be able to hold the knife for long. If you prefer a lightweight knife, the Huusk knife is worth buying. This weight helps to easily handle the knife while chopping and cutting things. However, people who are fond of heavier knives won’t like them too much.


Typically a knife has two lengths. One is the length of its blade and the other is the total length of the knife(handle and blade length combined). Huusk Knife has a total length of 11 inches which makes it an average-sized knife. Due to its length, Huusk Knife can cut different things with different cutting techniques. The length of the blade alone is 7.09 inches. That’s why it is easy to hold hands.

Thickness Of Blade

If we talk about the thickness of a Huusk Knife, the blade width is 4mm. Most people complain that this width is too wide for their liking. It does not cut food as smoothly as it should. So, the blade of a knife should always be thick.

Blade Type

The blade type of a knife determines how long a knife lasts. Huusk Knife is made of Japanese stainless steel. High-quality stainless steel lasts for about 50 years and that says a lot about the longevity of the Huusk Knife. It won’t rust, and neither will it break. But a lot of people who have used this knife say that Huusk Knife doesn’t have a very good blade.

Detailed Review

Huusk Knife, as a whole, works like a charm. It is sharp and well made which makes it one of the best knives out there. This knife is so sharp that if you do not know how to use a knife properly you can get a cut or two. It is a professional chef knife and isn’t best for everyday use. When we used this knife ourselves, we were content to find out that it has a good grip and is very easy to handle.

One thing that bummed us was the manufacturing of this knife. Manufacturers of Huusk Knife claim that this knife is exclusively made by hand by professional blacksmiths in Japan. But on the other hand, we get to know that this knife is made in China. This has produced mistrust among the buyers and the sellers.

Price Of Huusk Knife

Huusk Knife is said to be affordable and you can buy them on various websites. You may find its price slightly different on multiple sites so only buy the one that’s pricing seems genuine to you. Typically, you will find a Huusk Knife between $14-$16. Many sellers will have their own prices but if it is in between the above mentioned amount, it is authentic.

Is Huusk Knife Worth It?

If we think from the point of view of someone who loves unique-looking knives which can be used for professional as well as everyday use, this knife is it. Even if you are not going to use it for professional use, it has a strong grip that makes it easy to cut things.

Benefits Of Huusk Knife

  • It has a sharp blade that makes it easy to cut food faster and more smoothly.
  • Its handle is made of leather which is best for a strong grip.
  • It has a beautiful and unique design.
  • Its rounded blade and sharp tip create a forward weight that is good for chopping food.

Drawbacks Of Huusk Knife

  • Some people do not like short lengthed knives. So if you are one of them, Huusk Knife is not for you.
  • Some people complain that they have to sharpen the knife again and again.
  • This knife is only hand washable.

Should You Buy a Huusk Knife?

Just like everyone has preferences on different things, Huusk Knife only suits people who love small and curved blade knives. However, the people who do love these kinds of knives will probably love Huusk Knife. We also think that this knife is worth buying. It is sharp and is easy to take care of. Huusk Knife is a stayer once people start using it regularly. You may also have to sharpen it now and then. Do keep in mind all of these factors before making a decision.

Real Customer Reviews

Most people love this knife because of its sharpness and also because it has all the right features they need in a knife. But some people still claim that the Huusk knife isn’t sharp enough. They say that it loses its sharpness after a few uses and it’s nothing extraordinary. Some customers also claim that this knife is too thick and gets rusty after being washed a few times

What Do People Who Have Used Huusk Knife Think About It?

People do think of this knife as one of the greatest Japanese Knives. It has the ideal length, weight, and good enough blade. But many complaints were about its blade sharpness. People who have used this knife say that it loses its sharpness in just a few uses.

Many reviews about Huusk Knife are positive but the ones who aren’t positive all have things to say about its sharpness.

How is a Huusk Knife Better Than Other Knives?

The simple answer is no. There are better knives out there that offer hundreds of better features than a Huusk Knife. On the other hand, Huusk Knife isn’t that bad itself. If you are on a budget, you should go for a huusk knife. But do look for other options too.

Alternatives Of Huusk Knife

If you cannot buy a Huusk Knife for some reason, you can look for its alternatives too. One thing you should keep in mind is that Huusk Knife has a unique design that you will not find in other knives. But you can find its alternatives based on specification.

There is Chef’s Gyuto Knife. Even though it doesn’t have an appearance similar to Huusk Knife. Another knife that you can buy is the Mac Mighty MTH-80.

Final Words:

Huusk Knife is worth it but not the best out there. You can buy a more wonderful knife at the same price as Huusk Knife. But a huusk knife isn’t short of anything. It still has amazing features that you can enjoy if this knife is according to your preference.

huusk knife review


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